A Catholic Romance With Jewish Roots (And Lots Of Coffee)


People have been inspired to choose CatholicMatch for any number of reasons since the Farming Fathers began the site in 1999. But in the six years I’ve been editing success stories, the story of Carol and Brian is the first time JDate has come up.

It was the success of Jewish couples finding each other online that convinced Carol there must be something like this out there for Catholics too – and then she saw an ad for CM in her parish bulletin.

“I was thrilled to know we Catholics were on the ball after all,” said the 51-year old woman who was widowed six years ago and began to date again in 2008.

Carol enjoyed the entire process of joining CatholicMatch, from completing her profile, finding a photo and starting a search. There was no skepticism or feeling of hopelessness as she undertook her quest for a soul mate.

And the speed with which things came together undoubtedly furthered her optimistic outlook.

She loved what she saw in Brian. “The more I read,” she said, “the more I smiled.”

Everything was compatible – from interests to location to education level. The only thing missing was a photo, but she was undeterred.

Initial contact quickly led to a phone call. “I loved the sound of his voice and heard the joy in his laughter.”

They meet soon afterward at a diner and set personal records for coffee consumption, as the chemistry developed quickly. That first meeting was less like a first date and more like meeting an old friend one hasn’t seen in a while.

They got together the following Saturday and have been together every Saturday since.

A self-described “hopeless romantic,” Carol had often prayed specifically for what she wanted. Her wish was a “big guy with a big heart.”

It was a big leap for both of them in making another decision to love. It’s worked out, and they are looking forward to soon becoming engaged and spending the rest of their lives together. They count their blessings every day.

And like the Catholic faith itself, their story had its origins with the Chosen People of the Old Testament.


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