A New Beginning With A Single Mom From Seattle


Relocation is a time for a new beginnings, and it proved to be that way for Andy. He grew up a Michigan man, born and bred in the Midwest, but had moved to the West Coast to settle in Seattle.

He was looking for a way to meet people and decided to use CatholicMatch as a tool for doing that. “I chose CatholicMatch over other dating websites because I figured a Catholic dating website would cut down on the crazy factor,” he told CatholicMatch. It didn’t take long for his efforts to bear fruit — only 48 hours.

“I met the most amazing woman that ever walked the planet,” he said, recalling his enthusiasm at first meeting the vibrant and enthusiastic Odeth.

After a few online exchanges, they quickly made a decision to meet for coffee. It turned into much more — they walked around Seattle Center for hours, taking the time to get to know each other.

It’s the kind of first-date chemistry that doesn’t always happen but is the sign of something special if the couple makes the effort to work at it.

Andy needed no persuading: “I knew she was the one. I couldn’t stop thinking about her.”

The feeling was mutual, so the couple moved things forward. Odeth has a son, and Andy didn’t hesitate to make them both a part of his life. On the Fourth of July they went on a camping trip in the Cascades together, joining others in Odeth’s family. Over Labor Day weekend, Andy took them both back to Michigan to meet his friends and family and to see where he grew up.

Andy and Odeth’s relationship is still new, as they’ve known each other for six months. But they are excited about the future and planning how their lives will be together after they get married next October.

“I never thought I would meet someone so delightful and compatible with my soul,” he said.

It wasn’t what Andy had in mind when he moved to Seattle, but it shows that all we have to do is take the first step, and God does the rest.


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