A New Year, A New Diary: ‘It’s Like Starting A New Chapter’


Every Jan. 1 Luisa begins a new diary by penning her resolutions for the coming year.

“It’s like starting a fresh new chapter in my life, a fresh new beginning,” she said. “I get inspired, motivated to reach for new things, new dreams. It also keeps me grounded and focused.”

Luisa will soon be tucking away the hard-covered journal adorned with green seed pods that hold her 2010 resolutions, which she’ll review, crossing off the goals she achieved, like reading 12 books, attending morning Mass, returning to yoga and attempting to crochet again (a resolution she had recycled from 2009).

Two goals from 2010 will be carried into 2011: being more active with her mountain bike cycling club and vacationing to an exotic location. (Last year this was item “G,” Luisa noted, “but this coming year, it will be tagged as ‘A’!”

Making music, managing time

Likewise, Jacqueline is resolving to make the most of 2011. “I am optimistic about most everything I am doing right now,” she said. Being part of the CatholicMatch community bolsters her sense of optimism. “It’s a quick way to connect with other Catholics who are in a similar life station. CatholicMatch can feel like being social without even leaving home.”

Jacqueline recently shared 10 New Year’s resolutions with fellow CatholicMatch members via St. Peter’s Square. It’s a great way to hold yourself accountable. She vowed to “live smarter, love more, make more money, finish my master’s degree, write more music, pray more, play more, look better, be more productive and date more.”

Completing her master’s in music from Boston University is almost sure to be a defining mark of 2011: Jacqueline has just four remaining credits before she begins her master’s thesis. As a pianist and violinist, most of the music she composes is intended for children – modified jazz or classical or melodies from the Romantic style. She is usually inspired to compose at night as she drifts into sleep. “They happen something like a dream, so they have to be written down quickly,” she said. “Usually I get up and go to my keyboard in another room.”

To be more productive, Jacqueline is resolving to eliminate time-wasters like parking in front of the television, being disorganized or spread too thin.

As to looking better, she’s aiming beyond the obvious objective of weight loss, which is part of her broader goal. “To really look better, good eating and exercise are a must,” Jacqueline said. “Planning outfits that are flattering and appropriate for the occasion is important too, as well as keeping up with hairstyle, good complexion, sufficient sleep, good humor and a good smile.”

A male perspective

Jacqueline’s resolutions prompted her friend Lance to begin plotting the New Year too. He came up with three resolutions:

  1. Love myself for all that I am and for what I can do
  2. Take care of my physical and emotional health
  3. Continue to create opportunities to best utilize my talents

Making resolutions for a new year invites earnest reflection, Luisa said. “I look deep inside me, trying to think of things that will make me a better person, things that will keep me sharp, occupied and motivated in the coming year,” she said. “I want to live a full, complete life.”

Editor’s note

The singles interviewed in this feature are all members of CatholicMatch. Learn more about them by visiting their profiles: Luisa-255441, Jacqueline-556574 and Lance-66196.



  1. Isabelle-365206 January 1, 2011 Reply

    Cheers Luisa! My new years resolution is to get back into my 8’s. Thanks for making me laugh in the forum. May the new year bring tremendous happiness to you.

  2. Keith-297102 December 31, 2010 Reply

    Luisa, feeling your enthusiasm for the New Year. Signing up for a fitness challenge. Your words, creative side, and kindness are well balanced. Sláinte to an adoringly sweet, beautiful lady.

  3. SusanMarie-612261 December 31, 2010 Reply

    I will also state three resolutions.
    Be thankful for what i have. Trust Gods will and not mine and more often though you worjk like everything depends on you know and pray as though everthing depends on God.


  4. Jim-397948 December 30, 2010 Reply

    Time to move ahead in 2011…I plan to reread the Purpose Driven Life!!!!

  5. David-490169 December 29, 2010 Reply

    I found it interesting that this author’s friend “Lance” lists one of his goals as “Love myself for all that I am and for what I can do.” I’m pretty sure the bible and the church aren’t asking us to love ourselves any more than we already do. I personally believe that’s part of the problem in our culture today. We love ourselves a little TOO much. What about loving others more? Volunteering more? Neither of the people in this article list anything about anybody else but themselves. All I see is “me, me me” and “I, I, I.” I suppose that’s why we’ve been labeled by the mass media as “Generation Me.” It’s certainly obvious from this blog. I apologize if I come off sounding a bit negative, but that’s not my point. This is a dating and relationship site, and nothing about relationships revolves around “me.” It’s about being selfless, and serving others, and giving as Jesus did. That’s what Christian witness is, right?

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