From Campfire To Cold Appetizers


David and Jennifer followed the signs that led them to each other.

CatholicMatch advertises in a lot of venues, but sometimes the best form of marketing is word-of-mouth in an old-fashioned way. Like over the campfire. David was out on a camping trip, and as the group sat talking one night, he asked a newly married couple how they met. They answered “CatholicMatch.” Upon returning home he signed up and quickly found Jennifer.

Jennifer and David met at a museum and went out for lunch and found a sign they had something special. What was the sign? As they sat at lunch, they were so engrossed with each other’s conversation that they let the appetizers grow cold without touching them! Today, they are engaged. Jennifer is thankful for her CatholicMatch experience, not just for bringing her husband, but for the friends she met along the way. “I constantly rack my mind of friends who I can set them up with,” she told Catholic Match. They aren’t the only ones enjoying the fruits of romantic success. Here are others who are now walking life’s road with that special someone…

Noemi is a native of Peru, where Robert’s mother was born. Their online relationship began innocently enough, with e-mails about shared interests in books and movies. It went well enough that they took the conversation to the telephone and overcome the language obstacle to develop their relationship further and begin talking 2-3 times daily. They met each other in Peru for a month and made the decision to get married. Their fiancé petition was approved and they are on track to receive the sacrament of matrimony.

Dave & Rose credit shared beliefs and desires for establishing the foundation for a strong relationship and its bringing couples like this together that it’s the basis of CatholicMatch’s reason for being. They were married this past September.

And Kristen got married in October and wrote to CatholicMatch to tell us that “It was the best $25 I have ever spent. Proof that it really does work.” But it only works with good members who put themselves out there. Thanks to Kristen, Jennifer, David, Robert, Noemi, Dave, Rose and all the members still on the journey who make CatholicMatch work.


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