Get Quicker Answers On Our New-And-Improved Help Page


It’s really important to us that you can get prompt answers to your CM questions, so this week we’re launching a new-and-improved help page. It streamlines the three ways you can currently get information and adds a couple of new features – all in one user-friendly space – so you can get a quicker answer and move along your happy way.

Our new help page integrates three information routes:

  • To search for answers on the site, scanning our FAQs.
  • To ask the community, via our new Community Help Room, where members provide information to fellow members.
  • To fill out a help ticket and get help from our support team, who is always available to serve you.

We’re taking these elements and organizing them better on our new help page. We’re also revamping the entire FAQ database and creating a better search of our website so your first step is an easier one.

And you can get involved: If you’ve got a question you think should be included in our FAQs, just submit it in the Community Help Room.

We hope this will make it easier for everyone to get the answers they deserve. Thanks for your help!


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