Member Spotlight: Awaiting Christmas & 30, Gina Reflects


As GinaMaria-622671 awaits another Christmas as a single – and her 30th birthday – she’s embracing Advent. “It’s a time to renew my faith in God that He will provide for my needs and that includes a spouse when the time is right,” said the pediatric nurse practitioner from Houston.

Gina wrote this Advent reflection for “Faith, Hope & Love.”

The year I turned 25, I sat in a crowded pew awaiting the beginning of the Christmas Eve midnight Mass at the oldest cathedral in my hometown.

It was dimly lit, candlelight flickering against the stained glass, and the altar was adorned with deep red poinsettias, golden cloths, and more candles that twinkled as the choir sang Silent Night. It was a special night, when we celebrate the birth of the Savior, the Light of the world, the One for whom the faithful waited.

On one side of me sat my parents, married for 30 years – my mother reading from her prayer book, my father reading the back of a holy card he carried in his wallet. On the other side of me were my brother and his wife, who had just been married a month before. Newlyweds, they sat hand in hand with hopeful eyes, happy to be spending their first Christmas together. I watched as families entered the cathedral, all the infants and children dressed in their best attire for the Lord’s special day.

And then there was me, the twenty-something woman facing yet another Christmas alone.

Would I ever be a newlywed? Would I ever dress my children and bring them to Christmas mass? Would I ever be like my parents still sitting next to each other at Mass after 30 years of marriage?  I felt lonely, as many singles do at Christmas time.

So what is a Catholic single person to do?

As a busy professional, how could I find a man with integrity and faith in a society where morals are disintegrating quickly? At 25, I had just moved to a large city where I only knew one person and was not sure how to meet people. I wanted my faith to be the foundation on which to build friendships and courtship.

Turning to the web

My friend mentioned Catholic online dating, and I found my way to CatholicMatch. I’ve been on and off the site for nearly five years. I figured the Internet was one more avenue through which God could bring people into my life.

Around the same time, I also became very active in church-related groups, pro-life activities, and groups such as running and hiking clubs. My life was enriched in some way with all the people I met both online and offline.

Overall, the experience with CatholicMatch has added to my faith life, as it has put me in contact with so many other practicing Catholics who value marriage and are striving to live according to the faith.

Although I have not met “the one,” I still consider my time on CatholicMatch a success. I have connected with good girlfriends who have been a great support.

The number of people on the site is reassuring to me; there are plenty of faithful singles who understand my situation. I have particularly enjoyed the new blog, with entries from a diverse writing staff that are both insightful and thought-provoking.

A bigger plan

Now I am 29 and about to face another Christmas as a single person. In reflecting on the past few years of my life, I have realized the many ways in which God has used my singleness to increase my faith in Him and work for the good of others.

Of course I thought I would be married by 30. However, with the grace of God, I have been blessed with many opportunities to explore my faith and grow spiritually in ways I may not have been able to as a married woman.

Also, I have been able to devote myself fully to my family during times of illness and death. I cannot for a moment think that this time alone has been random; I know it has all been part of a bigger, more wonderful plan. I have had to relinquish my will for my life and hand it over to God.

During the years of waiting for a spouse, I have learned about complete surrender to God and the great humility it requires. I have experienced the severe mercy of God, who at times allowed heartbreak to save me and cultivate my spiritual growth in ways far beyond my understanding.

Embracing Advent

So I view Advent, the season of joyful hope for the coming of the Savior, as a time in which God is particularly close to me encouraging me to grow into an even deeper relationship with Him. Why?

He asks me to remember Mary’s fiat at the Annunciation, without which there would be no Nativity, no Advent, no Christmas season. Our Blessed Mother bravely and humbly submitted her will to God’s plan.

As singles, awaiting our vocations to come to fruition, we must learn to write God a blank check, forgetting what we think our lives should be like, where we are supposed to live and in what time frame things should occur.

I believe, too, that Advent is a time of joyful expectation as we await the celebration of God’s promise of a Savior. God, too, promises to fulfill the desires of the heart, and Advent is a time to renew my heart and cultivate a grateful one for the many blessings and spiritual graces that have befallen me during my time as a single Catholic. It’s a time to renew my faith in God that He will provide for my needs – and that includes a spouse when the time is right.

It is a time to pray for an increase of faith, just as the Israelites faithfully waited for a Messiah, knowing that God would fulfill His covenant. It is a time of quiet introspection as I find ways in which to cultivate a heart that is ready for the total self-giving love that marriage requires.

But most importantly, the Advent and Christmas season is a time that reminds me to focus on the giver and not the gift. Too many times, I have fallen into the habit of praying for the gift of a spouse, instead of fixating my eyes on the Giver, the Lord from whom all gifts come.

Being Christ-centric, always seeking His face, His way, His word in everything will prepare me for whatever comes in life.

Christ is the true gift of our lives – remember that and the anxieties, which can sometimes accompany the single life, fade behind the illuminating light of the world, which is Christ alone, who comes at Christmas as both the Gift and the Giver.

I rest my heart in that promise, already fulfilled.



  1. GinaMaria-622671 December 15, 2010 Reply

    Thanks to each and every one of you who have read my Advent reflection. I have been deeply moved by all the comments, messages, and emotigrams! Each of you are in my prayers, that you may draw closer to Christ this Advent and always.

    In Christ,

    • Gen-530989 December 16, 2010 Reply

      Thank you for your wonderful article …. very inspirational.

  2. Chris-151030 December 15, 2010 Reply

    very thoughtful reflection Gina, thanks for sharing!

  3. Michal-595912 December 15, 2010 Reply

    Thank you so much for your post, Gina.

  4. Paula-176068 December 14, 2010 Reply

    You speaks for all of us! Thanks for writing it down.I will make my best effort to be closer to Christ for the rest of the Advent.

  5. Mary-215322 December 14, 2010 Reply

    Beautifully written, may God continue to bless you.

  6. Jonathan-471545 December 14, 2010 Reply

    Well written. thank you for that 🙂 I too am in the same situation…almost 30…still single…brother and sister married with children. When is my turn? But I have been able to do the same as you and find solace in the fact my relationship with God is growing, my faith is growing, as is my activity in the Church. God ahs a plan, and He’ll reveal it to us when we are ready. Merry Christmas everyone!

  7. Anna-347299 December 12, 2010 Reply

    Interesting how your story exact mimics mine! I’m also 29 and facing another Christmas alone. Advent and Christmas are a time of hope and waiting…

    • Ben-577860 December 12, 2010 Reply

      Hi there,

      I just have to say I am same exact situation that you find yourself in. I am 30 I have been divorced for 3 or 4 years now I think and I have been anhulled for a month.

  8. Mary-402717 December 11, 2010 Reply

    That was such a beautiful story and provided me with positive reflections about my own single life. Very beautiful and very true, thank you for opening up and sharing it!

  9. Nuala-262855 December 9, 2010 Reply

    Hi Gina, it can be very tough going when you know that you would make a great partner and friend to someone. It always hits me at Christmas as it is such a family oriented time. I love my life though and if someone special comes along to complement it that will be wonderful. I do believe that people come into our lives when we least expect it and not necessarily when we are actively looking. Good luck!

  10. Jennifer-518410 December 9, 2010 Reply

    Thanks for sharing such a beautiful story!! It is a true blessing that I read these words today.

  11. Bennie-643073 December 9, 2010 Reply


    I was sitting here reading your story with tears streaming down my face. This is my first Christmas alone following my divorce. I was married for 28 years. God spoke directly to me through your letter.
    I have printed it out and will be reading if often. May our Lord bless you in abundance. I also live in Houston.

  12. Dave-573571 December 9, 2010 Reply

    Yes, I find myself in the same situation. Wondering if I will ever find the “one”. I guess we just have to hang in there and let His plan play out for us singles. When the time is right it will happen.

  13. Al-638280 December 9, 2010 Reply

    Aloha! I enjoyed your story! Thank you!

  14. Raul-582734 December 8, 2010 Reply

    Such a wonderful story, I’m in the same position and i’m 32 , i still gotta read this again…. All the best Gina

  15. Diane-525168 December 8, 2010 Reply

    I am in a similar position this Advent season. I have a successful career, but I continue to wait for someone to share my life with and have a family with. All the best to you in the new year!

  16. Tom-657214 December 8, 2010 Reply

    Patience is a virtue, and it’s also a weapon, it forces deception to reveal itself. God has blessed you, obviously! You will make an awesome wife to someone. You are a very gifted girl. Smile.

  17. Jill-533546 December 8, 2010 Reply

    Beautiful story. I, like you, have sat many a year single in church watching all the newlyweds holding hands, and the babies in their Christmas best. I had the same questions running through my mind. It was refreshing to read that I am not alone with my thoughts. Thank you so much for posting your story. A bit of weight has been lifted from my heart. Merry Christmas!

  18. Omar-422106 December 7, 2010 Reply

    I find myself in the same situation. It is very difficult to find “the one” no matter if it is online or outside within the community. God always has bigger plans, we have to trust in him. Very inspiring words GinaMaria.

  19. Cathy-620979 December 7, 2010 Reply

    Glad to see another Texas girl here.

  20. Angela-11187 December 5, 2010 Reply

    Thanks, GinaMaria, for the inspiring story!

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