Member Spotlight: Come Fly With Kurt!


Kurt, a pilot from Albuquerque, is seeking his wife on

Kurt-102357 has enjoyed a life of adventure in the open skies. “My job lets me feel like a kid at heart,” the 30-year-old commercial pilot said. He’s covered most, if not all, of the contiguous 48 states and he’s always up for a spontaneous trip. “Those are the best kind!”

When asked if he plans to woo his future wife with his wings, he said he does plan to take her on special trips. “But I want to wait to make those plans because I’m missing half the equation,” he said.

At the same time, he’s ready to plant both feet firmly on the ground. “The Lord and my career have kept me moving over the past few years,” he wrote in his profile. “I am now at a point in my life where I am looking for stability.”

The active Albuquerque, N.M., resident is planning to embrace the New Year. “I hope and pray that the Lord would help me become a better man, so that I might be more prepared to love and care for the spouse he sends me,” Kurt said. More specifically, he’s planning to do more charitable work in 2011.

For Kurt, New Year’s is a time for turning to the future. “I can be reflective, but I prefer to look forward, and providing that you leave those things that weren’t so great where they should be – the confessional booth – then why shouldn’t we always look forward?”

Kurt joined CatholicMatch five years ago.

“I had become disenchanted with the idea of casual dating,” he said. “I decided that if Christ and marriage were not the focal points of a dating relationship, then that could only mean it was self serving.”

He enjoys the communal aspect of the site and sees it as a vehicle to growth in his self knowledge and faith, a constant goal of his. “St. Paul admonishes us that we should not be content to drink milk, but to eat the solid foods, the meat of our faith – 1 Corinthians 3:1-3. I try to remember this. I’d say that on a scale from milk to meat, I’ve progressed to somewhere around Jamba Juice.”



  1. Mel-656138 January 5, 2011 Reply

    Its Nice story..its true that relationship should be centered to Christ…I wish that God will grant the desire of his heart…

  2. Jen-3409 December 30, 2010 Reply

    If skydving is one of your fantasies I would love to come with you. Let’s do a tandem jump! 😉

  3. Eulalie-656565 December 29, 2010 Reply

    Funny! But it is a point!

  4. Krisanti-628302 December 26, 2010 Reply


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