Poll: What Are You Prayerfully Awaiting This Advent?


Catholic singles dig deep this Advent.

Advent started last week, beginning a new liturgical year and sparking a sense of hope. What are you prayerfully awaiting this Advent?

“This Advent I am prayerfully awaiting the coming of Jesus into my heart through the reading of sacred scripture, a limit on secular music, and an increase of religious music.”  –Stephanie-609661

“Advent allows me a time of spiritual and reflective orientation while awaiting the birth of Jesus with hopeful and prayerful expectations one day of His glorious inheritance.”  –Leon-593843

“I pray and look forward to the re-igniting of the Christ heart, that it may burn brightly to show us our path back to God’s plan for the human race.”  –James-194907

“This Advent I am hoping and desiring to be transformed like never before – my hope is the Lord, and I pray that I may become much more than ever before the person I was created to be this year, and in so doing, finally discern his call (my vocation) for me.”  –Christine-1065

What are you awaiting this Advent?



  1. Veronica-606865 December 18, 2010 Reply

    I hope love more God and my brother

  2. Alexandra-643987 December 10, 2010 Reply

    This Advent I am awaiting clarity.

  3. Eve-615757 December 10, 2010 Reply

    This Advent I am praying to discern my real purpose in life and in the Church. I am also praying that the Spirit of Peace will enter the hearts of my family and my country.

  4. Theresa-462847 December 7, 2010 Reply

    This advent, I am asking God to shape me into the best version of the woman He created me to be, so that I may be Christ to one another,

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