Seventh Day Of Christmas: Megan Loves Jesus Cake, Packers


On the seventh day of Christmas, we’re featuring Megan-21150.


What were the greatest blessings of 2010?

One of the greatest blessings of 2010 has been the incredible prayer support from my friends on CatholicMatch. They have kept me going through the loss of both of my grandparents, my job, and a friend whom I met on CatholicMatch.

I was also blessed to meet a pretty great fellow who has made my life a lot of fun, despite the distance involved.


How has your approach to finding a mate evolved?

When I joined in 2002, my focus was solely to find a spouse. I thought I was ready for marriage at the time.

Well, there’s an old quote I like to cite: “Want to make God laugh? Just tell Him your plans.”

I then decided to shift focus on learning how to be a better, more faithful friend and Catholic. I’ve ended up making so many friends as a result – and they have really helped me to grow into a better person. So right now I’m just focusing on becoming the best person I can be and I figure that God will send me a spouse in His perfect time.


What’s your CatholicMatch strategy?

I post a lot on the forums and check them at least once a day. I am also a very active member of the CatholicMatch chat room and I try to do the trivia every week.

Although I am no longer actively seeking a spouse, I really enjoy the fellowship that CatholicMatch has to offer. I have even been to several CatholicMatch events, which were an absolute blast!


Why do you stay on CatholicMatch?

I stay on CatholicMatch because of the incredible spiritual support and the friendships that I have made. Some of the people on there have become lifetime friends.

I owe a special debt of gratitude to longtime member Thomas-2525, who passed away this summer from lymphoma. Although we weren’t the closest of friends, he was always a source of encouragement for me on earth and now, with God’s mercy, in heaven.


What’s your favorite Christmas tradition?

The “Happy Birthday, Jesus” cake, a tradition begun by my mom, who passed away in 2007. We always would get an ice cream cake with a Nativity scene on the top. And, boy, was it delicious!


What’s your hope for 2011?

My hope for 2011 is, first of all, to continue to become the best person I can by growing closer to God and learning more about my faith.

Also, I would very much like to get new employment and continue to grow and flourish in my career path.

And if God sees fit for me to get married, that would be great too! But you know, everything really is in His hands and I would like most of all for my will to be completely united to His. (And I would really like the Packers to win the Super Bowl!)


Make a prediction for 2011.

I predict that Brett Favre will finally retire. And, as much as I would love to see it, I do not think the Packers will win the Super Bowl.  (Sorry, fellow Cheeseheads. We don’t have much of a running game!)



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  1. Anthony-497204 January 9, 2011 Reply

    Congrats Megs! So happy for u! I am glad 2 be your friend! 🙂 Cheers 2 u and for whatever the future and God holds for u! 🙂

  2. Dawn-58330 January 1, 2011 Reply

    This list wouldn’t be a correct list without Megan. She has done so much to help shape CM into what it is for so many of us. She completely understands the community nature of the site, the foundation of faith in relationships and the Universal Church.

    She’s on the right path for 2011! Her Christmas gift will be a year of 2011 full of many blessings of work, faith, friends and love. I am proud to know Megan and to be in her company in this list. She’s keeping the faith!

  3. Leon-593843 December 31, 2010 Reply


    My first attempt this morning failed so I will try again.

    Congratulations on being named as the seventh person in the 12 Days of Christrmas contest. I know you are as excited as we are from your CM family. Gosh, this honor plus a new job, moving to Texas and a boyfriend, well……………………..looks as if 2011 is getting off on a great start for you.

    In the six months I have been on this site, I have come to enjoy and respect your posts. Full of love and respect for all.

    Wishing you a Happy New Year and glad you are becoming a Texan. We welcome you.

    Peace and love to you and yours during 2011 and beyond.


  4. Valerie-104200 December 31, 2010 Reply

    Congratulations, Megan! I value our friendship! Hopefully one day soon I’ll be seeing you at another CM event!

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