Twitter Wisdom: Why Relationships Don’t Last


Fail Whale: Twitterers explore reasons for failed relationships.

One of the trending topics on Twitter today is a hashtag on why relationships don’t last.

Explanations for failed relationships are pouring in every minute.

Vulgarities and misguided notions aside, the responses provide a telling cultural index. Consider the following unedited tweets.

  • they’re not supportive of your dreams & aspirations
  • someone doesnt compromise
  • cuz peeps want their partner to be perfect & don’t make sacrifices
  • because you think relationships are supposed to be perfect and don’t want to put in the work when times get hard
  • one is doing too much and the other isn’t doing enough.
  • your in a relationship but still act like your single
  • when you keep your emotions bottled up inside and don’t express your true feeling.
  • bc every relationship isn’t meant to last.. Some are learning experiences preparing u for something better
  • Many of us have never seen a really happy relationship. Was married now divorced.
  • people are more worried about pleasing their followers than pleasing their partner
  • The internet is one giant showcase for displaying people you can cheat with or replace your current partner with.
  • You think because you’ve got her, you can stop trying?
  • cuz you care more about what your friends think.
  • PRIDE!!!
  • lack of God! if God is love, how do u plan to love without him?
  • cuz people don’t go to church or pray together…that’s it!!!

CatholicMatchers, what do you think? How do you account for the failure of past relationships?



  1. Patrick-26175 December 25, 2010 Reply

    I definitely agree with the moving too fast principle. I think we get too fast, too soon a sense of intimacy over the internet due to the fact that we compress a lot of personal information into our conversations in a short time frame, whereas it would be better to let things unfold more slowly.

  2. Katrina-645399 December 21, 2010 Reply

    Fear of commitment, lack of honesty and the absence of God in one’s life are some of the causes. A new term I have come across is “instant gratification”. A term coined by this “me” and “now” generation. Really, no one wants to work at anything anymore, we give up so easily when we sense failure and of course there’s always someone on the sideline waiting. Lust plays a big part in the breakdown of relationships…it makes the body feel good and therefore that’s a basis for a relationship! At my age, I want intellectual compatibility.. Sex is VERY important..after all it’s the highest form of love! And men.. don’t you know the sexiest organ is the brain?

  3. James-147697 December 20, 2010 Reply

    I think this one makes good sense: lack of God! if God is love, how do u plan to love without him?

  4. Matthew-598515 December 13, 2010 Reply

    Failed relationships is all of the above. Where is sacrifice and forgiveness? Sacrifice you can’t always have it your way. Forgiveness the other will make mistakes, what you don’t?

  5. Lisa-525896 December 12, 2010 Reply

    Interesting information. I think communication and spending time together is very important in relationships. I find when dating if all they are doing is texting and not spending quality time together
    a realtionship will not grow. LEts sow seeds not weeds!! WORDS FOR THE NEW YEAR

  6. Robert-3483 December 12, 2010 Reply

    Repeating from another catholic, God is love. If God is removed from our lives then do the math. Love is removed. Remove the Holy Spirit, then remove the Giver of Life.

  7. Jim-397948 December 11, 2010 Reply

    You have a good heart….and people do not realize how good it is until they stop dating you…I have a major problem with ex girlfriends still calling me when they should be moving on or loving the partner they are with…Sorry, I am not a fallback guy.

    • Dana-532230 December 12, 2010 Reply

      Funny, I should see you here. Never been on this before.
      So, what is your theory on why relationships go bad?
      My theory is moving toooo fast! Always a problem. Also, be a true Catholic, no sex before marriage.
      No matter your age!

      • Jim-397948 December 12, 2010 Reply

        I agree with Dana the Angel from Florida!!!!

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