Eighth Day Of Christmas: Theresa’s Prayers Pave The Way


We’re happy to bring you Theresa-462847 for the eighth day of Christmas.


What were the greatest blessings of 2010?

The honor and warm fellowship of being part of the prayer community here on CatholicMatch, especially joining in on the 54-day rosary novena. It has helped me to strengthen and grow in my relationship with our Blessed Mother Mary. I participated in all the rosary novenas that were here on CatholicMatch and led the last two, the latest one ending on Christmas Eve.

I didn’t think I could be a leader; I was always a follower and so I was hesitant to step forward, but I felt Mother Mary nudging and urging me to step forward, and oh, what wonderful things unfolded for me!


How has your approach to finding a mate evolved?

To be honest, this year on CatholicMatch it was more of a fellowship site than a dating site for me. I truly believe in order to have a good relationship with others, one really has to have a good relationship with God.

Once that is established, then everything else falls into place. Your heart is in a more charitable and loving place, especially for those who come to this site who have been hurt and are in need of healing.


What’s your  CatholicMatch strategy?

My focus really has been on the Oremus forum, which I read throughout the day, offering prayers and support to those who post asking for prayers for their dear friends and family members.

I seemed to put all my energy into the prayerful aspect on this site. I strongly believe there was a reason for all of this, at least in my case. 2011 may be a whole new strategy, a whole new way of approaching things! I continue to keep my heart and mind open to doing God’s will.


Why do you stay on CatholicMatch?

When my subscription was ready to expire in October, I had to decide if I wanted to renew or not. My deciding factor was that I stayed on so I could lead the 54-day rosary novena. So you can see where my interests gravitated and where I felt the Holy Spirit was leading me.


What’s your favorite Christmas tradition?

Gathering at my father’s home on Christmas Eve. There, my brothers and sisters, their husbands and their wives, children and several aunts and uncles come together to enjoy a huge banquet, the feast of seven fishes! The joy and laughter in my father’s home on this eve truly reflects the season.


What’s your hope for 2011?

I believe we are all works in progress, as long as we keep our hearts and minds open to God and His will.

My hope is to develop a deeper appreciation for all areas of my life, to become more physically active, to delve into a more prayerful lifestyle, to love more deeply those whom I encounter in daily life, to keep my mind active, learning new things, to engage in fun activities that lighten my heart and give wings to my soul, to find that one special person that I can give my promise and all my love to for all the days of my life.


Make a prediction for 2011.

My prediction for 2011 is that it is when my personal life, my job situation and my pursuit of a spouse will all come together. This I am most sure of and feel a strong sense of wonderful and amazing things happening in my life. I think that is why so much of this year was spent in prayer, preparing me for what is yet to come.



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  1. Ray-566531 January 2, 2011 Reply

    Nice to see you among the 12 Days of Christmas featured CM members. You have shown a very devout nature, peaceful and respectful. Glad you were selected for this honor.

  2. Leon-593843 January 2, 2011 Reply


    Congratulations on being named as the 8th person in the 12 Days of Christmas contest. So well deserved. The family of CM is so enriched by your presence. You have a way of bringing people closer to Christ and there is no greater attribute. May God continue to richly bless you.


  3. Dawn-58330 January 1, 2011 Reply

    We are so blessed by having Theresa on CM. She has shared her beautiful faith so freely in many ways, and people have really grown in their relationships with God, the Blessed Mother and the saints because of her. It is an honor to pray along side her. She is a marvelous choice for one of the featured profiles for the Twelve Days of Christmas. Her selection shows that the members of CM know what is really most important about life as a Catholic single– our faith.

    Congratulations and thank you, Theresa! Battle on, Prayer Warrior!

  4. Robert-636894 January 1, 2011 Reply

    Another excellent choice. No one is more deserving. Theresa is a tremendous example of faith in action. Her promotion of the 54-day Rosary Novena is an inspiration to many: myself included. We are blessed to have her among us.

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