Danielle & Her Daughters Find A Home With Kevin


It had been a long time since Danielle was a part of the dating scene — 15 years to be precise. And as a single mother with three girls, she had her share of challenges to deal with. But she was still excited when she found CatholicMatch and reviewed the site with a close friend.

She decided to use the search tools provided to find the right match, answered all the questions and got two profiles that came up as the proverbial perfect match.

“Kevin was one of those profiles and I was immediately attracted to him,” Danielle said. “We shared many of the same interests and his profile picture was adorable.”

In spite of her attraction, Danielle has an innate shyness and she relied on her friend to help her make the initial contact. It was the friend who penned the initial message under Danielle’s name. “We anxiously awaited his response,” Danielle told CatholicMatch.

One day later Kevin wrote back, and a new romance was off and running.

Danielle and Kevin kept correspondence on the CatholicMatch system for a few days before stepping up to a phone conversation.

“Kevin was so sweet, charming and he made me laugh!” Danielle recalled. After two more weeks they met face-to-face. They met the day of Christmas 2009 and found they had a great deal in common — so much so that Danielle was convinced she’d found her soulmate.

The couple lives an hour apart and relies on both the phone and Skype to keep in daily contact, while seeing each other every weekend. It’s been a year and an engagement is in the works. “I want to be old fashioned and not know when Kevin will pop the question,” Danielle told CatholicMatch.

They are currently looking for a living arrangement that will be in the middle of their current locations so they can keep their current jobs and Danielle’s daughters can remain in the same school. She is particularly grateful for how easily her girls have become a part of what will be their new family. Kevin and his clan took Danielle’s daughters in as though they were their own and the foundation for their future life together is strong indeed.



  1. Sharon-942543 June 29, 2014 Reply

    God bless you two, hope to have a story one day too!

  2. Stephanie-561901 February 6, 2011 Reply

    Stories like this, gives you hope that there are good people out there who still value love and marriage as sacred and as a path to grow closer to God.

  3. Tom-216393 January 29, 2011 Reply

    I bet it was his haircut and goatee that did it!

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