Echo Mary’s Fiat And Say Yes To 2011


As Christmas draws to a close, I’m reflecting on Mary’s fiat that made it possible. Despite her confusion and fear, her “yes” was the beginning of salvation history. It set the foundation for total trust in God.

Tackling a new year, we would do well in adopting Mary’s attitude. So much about a new year brings conflicting feelings. We resolve to make progress, to break bad habits and achieve new feats. But we can so easily sink back into the inertia of routine, returning to that same recurring wish that things would be different.

For singles, the wish things were different usually centers around the fact they are still alone. Christmas reunions with family and friends, many of whom are married, can be painful. I speak here from experience; while married now, I was single for a lengthy time and recall those feelings.

Matters are made worse when we fight the circumstances, consciously wishing things were different. In essence we are saying no.

A better approach is to instead say “yes” as Mary did two millennia ago. Saying yes means to fully accept yourself and the circumstances at hand. It is a surrender to the providence and wisdom of God. Easy enough to comprehend but difficult to live, saying yes requires time to cultivate. Start with a simple yes to being single and adopt such an attitude at each trying moment. Accompany your effort with a short prayer, uniting yourself to God’s presence.

I think you’ll be surprised at how psychologically freeing this can be. You can also be sure our Lord is pleased.

Just say yes!


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  1. Barb-505508 January 8, 2011 Reply

    I had been feeling sorry for myself for a number of years after being widowed. Then I decided to open myself up to “let go and let God”. I began having holiday parties for the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. Then I met a wonderful gentleman who has been widowed the same length of time that I have. We are in love and after talking at great length found out that we had both been praying to the Blessed Virgin to help us get on with our lives. Now isn’t it lovely that she saw fit to introduce us to one another?

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