Manhattan Perfect: A Night In New York Leads To Love


On a hot summer night in Manhattan, Jeff and Yoselin fell in love

Jeff was no stranger to online dating when he joined CatholicMatch at this time last year. He’d been using all avenues available to find the right woman. Several dates and even a long-term relationship of four years hadn’t produced the desired result and was doing some online surfing searching new sites and came across CatholicMatch. He decided it was worth a one-month trial.

At the outset, it seemed like more of the same – some dates and meeting some nice people, but missing that meaningful connection. And his relationship with Yoselin started much of the same way, as they found each other online and then met face-to-face.

“We…did not think it would be a perfect match right away,” he said, “but over time…we began to see something in each other that we did not see before and realized it was a match made in heaven after all.”

Jeff and Yoselin’s beginnings are a reminder that for as many success stories on CatholicMatch bring an instant connection, the lack of one should not be taken as a sign that it’s not meant to be. Sometimes you have to be patient and continue to test the waters.

Jeff and Yoselin traveled together throughout this past summer, going to Washington D.C. and Canton, Ohio. They spent time with each other’s families.

While there were many memorable moments, one stands out above the rest. It was a hot night in Manhattan, and after work they met for dinner and drinks. “We sat in the park afterwards and she wiped the sweat from my forehead,” Jeff told CatholicMatch. “I felt something like I have never felt before. I fell in love with her.”

They continued to date as an official couple, and that love reached its first fruition on Christmas Day when he proposed and she accepted.

Upon reflection, Jeff felt CatholicMatch’s key contribution was in the way profiles are structured, enabling people to not only connect on core beliefs and values, but interests as well. He made that connection with Yoselin. “We are prepared to make each other very happy for the rest of our lives.”


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