Poetry & Faith: Ray & Jeanne’s Shared Foundation


There’s a myth that online dating exists only for tech-savvy users of a certain generation. Ray is just one example of someone who breaks the mold. Last July he invested in a new computer and for the first time had high-speed Internet access set up at home. Things happened quickly after that. He saw CatholicMatch’s ad in his parish bulletin and decided to try it out.

Ray spent some time as a free member and was impressed with the number of women who browsed his profile. He wanted to get in contact with them, so he upgraded to full membership.

The format CatholicMatch offers new users worked to Ray’s benefit — “I found it…friendly to me as an inexperienced user,” he said. “I answered all the questions honestly…as an analytic this appealed to me. I would have a lot of information to process and mull over if there turned out be any serious prospects.”

One prospect who became serious was Jeanne. She was getting discouraged by her search and had decided that if things weren’t moving in a positive direction by Christmas she was going to call it quits on her membership. It was then she discovered Ray’s profile. His sense of humor led him to use a profile picture showing him directing an orchestra with a JS Bach wig, and Jeanne found that attractive.

They began the correspondence that opened up a new period of life for both of them, sharing poetry they’d each written, covering topics of faith and love.

It was on Labor Day they first met in person. Everyone wants to think of their first date as a time when things go as they should and if you’re lucky, it’s love at first sight.

What happened with Jeanne and Ray?

“Everything seemed to go wrong,” Ray told CatholicMatch. “I forgot my wardrobe in the closet at home, we couldn’t find Harpers Ferry where we were heading for our first datine, and when I went to serenade Jeanne, my guitar string broke.”

Fortunately, they both found it amusing as well as embarrassing.

Jeanne and Ray moved forward, building their relationship on a foundation of fFaith. They shared First Friday and Adoration together and began to feel something truly special.

“We began to see that we loved each other and wanted to share everything with each other,” Ray said. They were married on Nov. 20 and, in Ray’s words, are “happy as schookids.”

Below is a poem they shared with each other and generously shared with CatholicMatch.

So I go into the Last Chance Saloon
And all the fellas there, you know,
The Last Chance Saloon and all,
Well in walks this big-hair gal named Jeanne (pronounced gee knee!).

And she starts slingin’ poems around.
Well, I says to myself, someone’s gotta answer this here big-hair gal.
So I turns around and hits her with a poem of my own.

Well, she don’t bat an eyelash, this here big-hair gal.
And so she slings another one a’ her poems right at me.
I don’t take this onslaught sittin’ down. No, siree.
I turned around and “Wham!” – I hits her with another poem.

Well, as anyone can guess, one poem led to another,
And Jeanne, this big-hair gal and I are gettin’ hitched.
With all them poems slingin’ back and forth,
We plum decided to make some poetry together. Yes, siree!

And that’s what led to me and Jeanne gettin’ married
(with the good Lord’s help, of course, and His Mom.)



  1. Lita-678097 January 23, 2011 Reply

    Loved the story….and wish them a wonderful life together…..like I say….matches are made in Heaven…and cyberspace too! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Monica-651938 January 16, 2011 Reply

    you both look very happy. What a good looking couple. Best of luck

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