Red Wine, Roses & Ring: How Dustin Crossed The Border


Dustin and Karen crossed the Ohio River to find each other and fall in love.

The Ohio River separates the bordering states of Ohio and Kentucky, where Karen and Dustin are from respectively, and is a border between the north and the south. But the real border each kept running into in their search for a spouse was the problem of faith.

“Neither of our areas were brimming with committed Catholics,” Dustin said. “CatholicMatch was a really helpful tool, especially in the way that ‘the big seven’ questions address issues of faith openly.”

Like so many couples before them on CatholicMatch, it was a relief for Dustin and Karen to know from the start that they saw eye-to-eye on questions like premarital sex and contraception, rather than worry about what their potential mate thought or how to find it out in a diplomatic way.

After meeting each other online, Karen and Dustin made a connection with each other quickly and used the chat tool for a couple hours every night. It only took one week to set up a face-to-face date.

They live three hours apart and met halfway for afternoon coffee. It turned into a walk in the park and then dinner, as they couldn’t leave each other’s company. The challenges of maintaining and building their relationship from a distance were made manageable by convenient work schedules that made extended weekend stays a possibility.

It was after six months of dating that any doubts Dustin had that this was the woman for him were gone. They had talked about marriage at length, but he still found a way to surprise her. Three days prior to Christmas he surprised her with red roses and a bottle of their favorite wine.

“The real surprise though,” Dustin told CatholicMatch, “was when I told her that I had one more present for her, pulled out a ring and asked her to be my wife.”

Karen gladly said yes. She and Dustin are now planning a wedding for the summer and glad that online dating opened up their possibilities to people they would otherwise have not met. They look forward to building their lives together on the foundation of shared faith.


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