The Last Day Of Christmas: Tammy Trains For Marathon


On the 12th and final day of Christmas, we’re pleased to spotlight Tammy-492301.


What were the greatest blessings of 2010?

In 2010 I dedicated each Wednesday evening to adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and invited teens from my parish to attend with me. Not only was I able to introduce many young teens to adoration, I grew within my prayer life while visiting our Lord. I have a new reverence for Holy Communion now that I’ve spent so many evenings with Him in Adoration.

In addition to my spiritual life, the time I’ve spent volunteering with a local marathon/half-marathon group as a coach has afforded me the opportunity to help others succeed. One particular woman who has trained with my group has battled breast cancer throughout this training season. Regardless of chemo treatments and radiation treatments, feeling ill or depressed, she has come out each Saturday around 4:30 a.m. to run with the group.

I’ve been humbled getting to know her and witness the inner strength she’s found by trusting God and not giving up. I know I’ll be deeply moved when she crosses the finish line in a few short weeks at the Houston marathon/half-marathon.


How has your approach to finding a mate evolved?

CatholicMatch has been instrumental in my dating life. Prior to my annulment, I didn’t have any interest in dating and didn’t actively seek to date. One of my girlfriends created an account for me on CatholicMatch when she saw it on the back of our church bulletin and encouraged me to log in and begin participating on the site.

I was initially hesitant, as I hadn’t dated since the age of 20 and this was my first experience with online dating; however, the welcoming environments in the forums and chat rooms gave me opportunities to meet several wonderful men that I have had the pleasure to meet on dates.


What’s your CatholicMatch strategy?

My strategy for CatholicMatch includes forum and chat room participation, perusing my local matches on a weekly basis and meeting people in real life at CatholicMatch events.

On the site, I often send emotigrams or emails to men who have a profile that sparks my interest or one whom I’d like to get to know based on what he’s written in the forums or chat rooms.

What I didn’t expect when I joined CatholicMatch was the numerous friendships I’d develop.  Many of my friends have recommended that I look at someone’s profile or send a person an emotigram or email. One of my greatest resources to finding great profiles is through friendships.


Why do you stay on CatholicMatch?

I stay on CatholicMatch because the community has so much to offer in regards to meeting quality Catholic men, personal friendships with both men and women, chat rooms that allow a relaxing environment to get to know individuals and forums that allow a means for growth in my Catholic faith.

My absolute favorite aspect of CatholicMatch is the events. I hosted an event last Memorial Weekend in Austin, Texas, which welcomed more than 50 eligible bachelors and bachelorettes.

We had an amazing weekend building fellowship, watching relationships begin and develop, praying with one another, attending Mass, kayaking, visiting museums, riding the mechanical bull and dining at some great Texas restaurants. I look forward to hosting another CatholicMatch Texas event this upcoming Memorial Weekend and hope for more than 100 attendees in San Antonio! Meeting people and connecting is what makes CatholicMatch so incredibly special.


What’s your favorite Christmas tradition?

I’ve always enjoyed baking with my mother leading up to the holiday season. We spend several days together baking various cookies, pastries and candies. My favorite is chocolate almond toffee and snowball cookies.

On Christmas Eve, family and friends from all over come for an evening of caroling, reuniting, lighting luminaries and reading “The Night Before Christmas” to the children right before they’re able to open their gifts. In the evening many of us celebrate Midnight Mass together, which always brings a peaceful end to the evening.


What is your hope for 2011?

I hope to instill the teachings of our church to youth through actions and words. I also hope that my friends, co-workers, neighbors and acquaintances will live a year of love and laughter. For my part, I’ll work on being a good friend and praying for them.


Make a prediction for 2011.

The Houston Texans will discover what it means to be a championship football team by bringing in the son of a Bum! The entire city is going to unite and cheer on this team as it tramples the Dallas Cowboys on the way to Super Bowl victory!

I predict that several CatholicMatch couples I know will continue their relationships and at least two of these couples will enter into an engagement. I also predict I’ll be in one of the weddings.



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  1. Helaena-743478 December 16, 2011 Reply

    Congratulations, Tammy! I want to come to Texas!

  2. Robert-636894 January 12, 2011 Reply

    I see they saved the best for last! Tammy is the perfect choice for the Twelfth Day. She is fun, lighter than air, yet very thoughtful and compassionate.

    I must commend CM admin: looking through the choices I am reminded of the many wonderful people I have met here. There are many beautiful CMers who didn’t make it, but all of the choices were great.

  3. Ithro-543226 January 8, 2011 Reply

    Tammy, Tammy… One of my most favorite people… I am sure glad I did not miss this… Loved it and sure glad to see you. God bless.

  4. Ray-566531 January 7, 2011 Reply

    Well, Tammy, it’s true —- “last but not least.” It’s no surprise to see you appearing here. A wise choice among the CM members. You have continually displayed your knowledge, wit and wisdom for the betterment of the forums. For that, we are grateful. Also, the individual members whom you have addressed have been enlightened by your comments.
    And now a holiday wish for you: May your ketchup bottle always be full.

  5. Janis-59313 January 6, 2011 Reply

    Wow, there is no ketshup bottle! LOL…….what a beautiful photo Tammy…

  6. Valerie-104200 January 6, 2011 Reply

    Congratulations on being chosen for the 12th day of Christmas! I look forward to attending any event you host in 2011! You represent what Catholic Match is all about. May God bless you abundantly in 2011!

  7. Dawn-58330 January 6, 2011 Reply

    Tammy! You are the perfect person to close out this celebration! I applaud the way that you have dove into the community of CatholicMatch. You totally “get it” when it comes to what we are all about here. You have the complete package– fun, faith, beauty, leadership, compassion and heart! May 2011 be the year that all that you give to others comes back to you a hundred fold!

  8. Leon-593843 January 5, 2011 Reply


    Congratulations on being named as the 12th and final person in the 12 Days of Christmas. I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was to see your photo on this page. Goes to show the level of respect and love your fellow CM family has for you.

    Blessings always,


  9. Ria-570234 January 5, 2011 Reply

    Tammy, you are such an inspiration! It’s always a pleasure to see your smile and follow your antics in the fora. You are the ‘go to’ gal when something needs to get done…especially when it comes to choice of condiments!! That being said, your good heart and gently teasing demeanor often helps maintain the stable nature of discussion among the members, allowing for proper resolution of the issue at hand. God bless all your efforts in bringing people together in the events you so successfully plan, and I hope that He soon reveals the one He has chosen especially for you.

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