5 Ways For Single Guys To Grow On Valentine’s Day


Another Valentine’s Day — this time with the weekend preceding it — is ahead of us, with the 14th falling on Monday. I’m concluding my third year of marriage, but that’s still leaves me less than half as many years married as I had as a member of CatholicMatch. I remember what it was like to be single, so if you’re a guy who’s struggling with being single, here are five suggestions to make it through this Valentine’s Day.


1.   Control your environment. If you’re really down in the dumps about being alone on St. Valentine’s Day, don’t listen to music that reminds you of your situation. No lonely country songs and no melancholy ballads. Turn on something upbeat.


2.   Don’t whine. Nothing is less attractive than someone who’s whining about being alone. It will get you pity, but it won’t get you a date. Or if it does, it will be a pity date—the worst of all worlds.


3.   Do something fun. For me, I like sports, so if I were still single I’d be tuning into ESPN’s Big Monday college basketball doubleheader. But it can be anything. If you like politics, watch a talk show. If you like movies, go to the theatre. Doing things you like makes you happy, and happy people attract other happy people.


4.   Contact a woman. This step presupposes you’re doing the other three. If you’re aren’t whining yourself to sleep, and you’re doing what it takes to stay upbeat, reach out and contact a woman. My blogging colleague Jessica Zimanske here at Faith, Hope & Love is giving advice to the females for how to deal with a lonely Valentine’s Day. So put two and two together and figure out that there must be a lot of women hoping a nice guy will contact them. Log onto CatholicMatch and be that guy.


5.   Be grateful. Let’s be honest; I know very few guys who really look forward to Valentine’s Day. It’s a day Madison Avenue heisted from the Catholic Church and turned into a reason for the average guy to break out his credit card. You’re single and you don’t have to be a part of it. Feb. 14 is one day where the average single guy is the envy of his peers. Be grateful for it—just don’t make the mistake of expressing your gratitude too loudly, the way I just did here.


Ultimately, the steps suggested here are what the single male should be doing anyway. Put yourself in a healthy situation, do the things you enjoy and reach out from there. St. Valentine’s Day is just one more day to work on that.



  1. MJ-627844 February 24, 2011 Reply

    Not trying to whine, if so this is my first whine…. but…
    I’ve prayed and stayed up-beat, I ride a motorcycle for fun, I haven’t been “whining” (till now), and I’ve contacted a pretty decent amount of women of all age ranges and locations on this website to no avail.
    I get on here everyday with a smile on my face thinking to myself “I wonder who has viewed me, or sent me a message today :D” But after months and months of being on here, and messages being ignored or declined chats, I’m feeling pretty let down. I just hope my subscription fee I’m paying for is going to a good cause :/ cause this is pretty rediculous.

  2. Marie-575233 February 22, 2011 Reply

    Send yellow flowers to a female friend as a sign of appreciation.It will further enhance the relationship.

  3. Gina-449889 February 14, 2011 Reply

    Dear ” Mastercard” “Discovery” guy::
    Your number five point on being happy on valentine’s day just because you don’t have to spend money is a sad excuse, When you are in a good relationship recieving an expensive gift is just the “Icing” on the cake.
    God bless you

  4. Bobby-522665 February 14, 2011 Reply

    Awesome article. Keep em coming Catholic Match!

  5. Michael-598207 February 10, 2011 Reply

    Hi Dan,
    Thanks for the article. I enjoyed it very much, especially #5. I am grateful for that.

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