A Call From The Bahamas Turned Into A Ring


Matt & Kirsten already had a good developing relationship, one in which they’d exercised patience as she had to spend time in Alaska as part of her studies for entry into the maritime field.

The Midwestern couple’s patience in accepting how each others lives unfolded bore them in good stead soon after. Kirsten got a call in early December for a job opportunity in the Bahamas, co-captaining a schooner ship, one that would require her to leave in two weeks and be gone until the end of March.

It was a great opportunity, but she wasn’t ready to jump at it — she had to finish school and there was now someone else just as important.

After she and Matt worked out a list of the pros and cons, it was clear to them that the opportunity for Kirsten was exceptional and that, as difficult as it might be for them, she needed to take advantage of it. The decision for her to go to the Bahamas meant Matt had to alter his own plans; he’d planned to propose to Kirsten in the next few months, but now she would be gone.

He decided to move the timetable up.

A conversation with her father went well, who enthusiastically embraced the prospective engagement, and knew how hard the coming months would be for the young couple.

With her departure imminent, Matt bought the ring and made the drive from Michigan to Ohio to spend a last little bit of time with her on the final weekend Kirsten would be in the States. They went out to cut Christmas trees and he had the ring in his coat pocket to pop the question then. But other members of her family came along, so the timing proved inopportune. It created for an amusing moment when Kirsten wanted to warm her cold hands in his coat pocket — the one with the ring — and it drew a panicky “What are you doing?” shout from Matt.

They went back to her family’s house, put up the trees and then decided to go outside into the hot tub. He went in with his sweatshirt so he could keep the ring hidden. Kirsten always joked that she knew Matt was up to something when he started acting weird and this was the second time today she’d seen him be decidedly that. But she still had no inkling what was in the works.

After some conversation reminiscing about his first trip to Ohio after they met on CatholicMatch and other good times since, he asked her a simple question. “Do you think I’m acting weird?”

He followed up by taking one knee in the middle of the hot tub and asking her to marry him. The wedding will take place in September in Kirsten’s hometown.

The development of Matt and Kirsten’s relationship is just the latest proof that things happen on God’s timing, not our own, and their willingness to go with His plan for their lives has already borne them in good stead.



  1. Didit-495014 February 11, 2011 Reply

    Thanks for sharing your story…that’s a good one..God works in a very special way u boths listened to his leadings..Congratulations and God Bless you both!

    • Cheryl-409772 February 12, 2011 Reply

      I love your story! It made me chuckle first when she tried to reach in your pocket and you “weirded out” on her and then when you wore your sweatshirt into the hot tub! I am so encouraged to hear stories like this. I am so happy for both of you!

  2. Michael-253501 February 9, 2011 Reply

    That’s funny that she tried to reach into your coat pocket to warm her hands. Congratulations to the two of you and many blessings!

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