Church & State Agree: Healthy Relationships Matter


Define what you’re looking for in a mate. Set some ground rules. Re-evaluate where you tend to look for dates.

These points of advice read like they could come from Jason Evert or Mary Beth Bonacci, who’ve both penned books on Catholic dating. They’re sound, time tested and practical, and they’d go a long way to building the foundation for a holy relationship.

But — surprise — they’re not. Their source is, a website of the Healthy Marriage Resource Center, which the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services funds. The site offers an array of advice of especially pertinent to singles, from breaking bad dating habits to online dating basics.

For a secular site, there’s an intriguing amount of information that sides with the Catholic view of relationships, especially when it comes to couples living together before marriage. Recently released U.S. Census data show the rate of cohabitation is the highest it’s ever been (7.5 million), but cautions couples who are thinking about making the move.

It cites findings long wielded by Catholic sociologists to support the Church’s teaching on this matter: Couples who cohabitate before marriage are more likely to divorce later.

Seeing secular support for searching singles, dating couples, and married couples is refreshing, especially at a time when Catholics may be growing weary of the constant culture war over marriage in America. It’s a reminder that healthy relationships are not only good for the people in them, but also good for society as a whole.

How’s that for helping to change the world?


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  1. Pamela-569326 February 7, 2011 Reply

    Everyone I have met that has co-habitated ended up divorced or worse with substance abuse issues, domestic violence and child abuse.

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