For Richard & Ita, Three Times Was The Charm


Richard and Ita were across the ocean from each other, her in Indonesia with him in Oregon. Ita had a single clear objective for her future spouse, and that was for him to love Jesus. A previous one-month subscription to CatholicMatch didn’t work out but she decided to come back and try again—and this time prayed in advance that God would bless her subscription.

Ita came across Richard’s profile in her searches but passed it by. She ran another search, with his name again there. And she passed it by. Finally on a third search, with Richard still there, Ita decided to send him a message. This was on the last day of her subscription and the third time was the charm. Her message kicked off a flurry of electronic communication that eventually went to international phone calls.

After two months of calls, Richard flew to Indonesia for a visit. They are now married and proof that God can be very persistent when He’s locked in on the right match.

Richard & Ita aren’t the only ones enjoying success on CatholicMatch. Here are two more examples of couples who are now married…

Vince & Erin: Two years ago they met for coffee and the relationship bloomed to a marriage that took place at Mother Cabrini Shrine, the spiritual venue that honors the first American saint. They went to the Holy Land for their honeymoon and had the powerful experience of renewing their vows right at Cana, where Christ instituted the sacrament of matrimony. “She is orthodox Catholic, beautiful and very smart,” Vince says lovingly of his wife. They pray the rosary together and are grateful to God, to Our Lady and to St. Therese of Lisieux for each other.

Grace & Jerry: Grace had been widowed for three years, but was reaching the conclusion that God wanted her to look for a good Catholic man to spend the rest of her life with. She noticed a CatholicMatch ad in her parish bulletin, and even though she was a novice to online dating, decided to give it a shot. Six weeks later she met Jerry. Their first date was New Year’s Eve 2009 and he was exactly what she’d been looking for. They were married this past August.



  1. Mercy-875681 July 16, 2012 Reply

    God has amazing ways to show his love, doesn’t matter the distance, love has not boards

  2. Anastasia-88680 May 1, 2011 Reply

    I am happy for you both!

  3. Cecilia-268283 February 21, 2011 Reply

    Inspiring, given the distance! What a courageous act & blessing!

  4. MaLianne-676573 February 17, 2011 Reply

    Inspiring stories but true this search has to be accompanied by prayers.

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