Insta-Date – Goodbye, Online Dating; Hello, FourSquare?


Do you use Foursquare, Twitter, or Facebook to ‘check-in’ at your location? Did you know you can use it to meet that someone special, according to

This Valentine’s Day day, let love know where you are – via Foursquare, of course.

The fastest growing trend in social networking is location-based iPhone and Android apps, which tell the online world exactly which restaurant you’re eating at or driveway you’re parked in. Applications like FourSquare and Gowalla profess to better connect us with our friends. But more and more applications use them to let people meet up – and ultimately hook up.

So the next time you’re at the local bar, do pause to send that tweet. After all, while your iPhone is checking you in, users nearby could be checking you out.

Hooking up aside, this is interesting.

Weinreich told that people are drawn to dating via cell phone because it turns an awkwardly arranged date into a much more casual affair. “Online dating really requires an incredible amount of planning,” he noted. “You write people in advance, you wait for them to e-mail you back, take the time to figure out when to meet. It’s almost unheard of to have impromptu coffee.”

Who would have thought that online dating, with the instant delivery of a message, would be considered a lot of work? Compared with the above method of dating, sure it’s more work, but some say the greater the effort the greater the reward.

According to the FoxNews report, many long-term relationships and marriages have come from cell phone dating applications. In fact, they say it may become a trend.

Another study from Juniper Research predicts that by next year, over a quarter of a billion people will be using mobile services to date. Weinreich agrees, saying romance simply has to keep up with our fast-paced society.

And while that may be true, we should tread carefully when it comes to this trend. The hook-up culture (which this type of dating seems to be encouraging) is already a reaction to many flaws of our fast-paced society. Let’s just hope technological tools like this don’t cause further negative adaptations to dating and relationships.


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