Most CatholicMatchers Facing Feb. 14 With Some Dread


How do you feel about  Valentine’s Day? More than 2,200 CatholicMatch members have responded to this poll. The verdict?

“Kind of dreading it” is the most common choice, garnering 36 percent of votes.

Second comes “absolutely dreading it,” with 26 percent of votes.

Third is “cautiously optimistic,” with nearly 26 percent.

And fourth is “hopelessly excited,” netting nearly 12 percent of votes.

So far 30 members have written comments elaborating on their votes.

Connie-68472 said Valentine’s Day is her favorite day of the year. “I just enjoy the decorations and everything about the day,” she wrote.

Bob-179105 wrote a positive comment, too. “I hope and pray to find my Valentine on this awesome site. God’s time, not my time.”

Carola-676211 also took an optimistic note. “While I don’t have a sweetheart to share Valentine’s Day with, I’m still hopelessly excited. I love the idea of Valentine’s Day. I’ll share the day with as many people as I can – my Facebook friends all around the world, my students and co-workers and especially with seniors living alone in my neighborhood. I’m going to have fun and share Valentine’s Day being a blessing to others.”

John-558391 admitted he’s having a harder time achieving that optimism. “I’m not really thrilled about it and haven’t had any good experiences with it so far but I try to stay hopeful each year,” he wrote.

Christine-665163 said she struggles with Feb. 14. “It’s easy to feel forgotten when most of your friends are coupled or married and celebrate by going out,” she wrote. “I try to share some love with my single friends on Valentine’s Day.”

It’s also a difficult day for Dinah-676545. “I used to love Valentine’s Day before my husband died,” she wrote. “Now it’s sad for me. Will buy valentines for the ones I love and go to my grandson’s third grade class and make ‘Valentines for Veterans.’”

And as for Anthony-600370, he’s trying to tune it out. “I usually pretend that I’m not aware that it is Valentine’s Day.”

What about you?



  1. Cheryl-900360 February 14, 2013 Reply

    I don’t believe that this one day makes a big difference to me! For the past 7 years I have celebrated with my 7 year old son! Funny this morning he said ” mom please do not get me a card this year because you tell me everyday you love me when you stick those love cards in my lunch box! I’m not missing a thing!” So we had a talk about it..he simply feels that we should let the ones we love know how much they’re loved everyday…not just this one day! In other words..ladies and gentlemen…Valentines day is everyday! Enjoy tomorrow and all the days that follow!

  2. John-50560 February 21, 2011 Reply

    I have never had a good Valentine’s Day with a Significant Other as I have been single for all of them – at least so far. But I have a different reason to celebrate the day as I learned some years ago that my baptism was on February 14! So I just think of it now as my Birthday in the Church!

  3. Peter-44842 February 20, 2011 Reply

    I kind of dread seeing more CM polls, pieces, et al. on the matter.

    I imagine the vast majority of us went to work like any normal day, without uncontrollable fits of panic or tears. Enough please.

  4. Tammy-492301 February 17, 2011 Reply

    Just a note…… the MEH candy heart is HYSTERICAL!!! Kudos for a great funny!

  5. Conor-267352 February 17, 2011 Reply

    Usually, Valentines Day makes me feel very lonely & very unhappy due to the fact that all of my friends are married now practically, however since I was just getting home from the lake on that day this yr, it wasn’t quite so bad, the traveling kind of helped to keep me preoccupied more or less so & helped to pass the time, so this yr was a little better than most when this day comes around. It tends to help when you have something else to preoccupy the time so that you don’t think about how good or bad the day makes you feel.

  6. Eric-687871 February 14, 2011 Reply

    anything is possible. today i am living like any other day. i am just focusing in my studies and hoping for God to deliver the right girl according to his time not mine but his. right now I know it is not time right now it is time to get ready for my future i need to get my masters then I can have freedom. but for now nope all i know is that i am living with my family and that my parents love each other and for now that’s what matters. with a degree my kids and wife will not have to worry about financial problems.
    I Recommend this to all before i am removed in sixty days pray a novena to the Holy Ghost that is what I do, i always pray for my girl at night time before I head to sleep and ask the qualities that I would like in a future wife if it is God’s will. does not matter the time i take as long as I pray and really live according to God’s plan then I am happy and i know that I will meet her and one day marry her. i pray to god that she has a wonderful day and that she keeps being faithful and that he also helps me be strong to accept his grace.

  7. Vincent-687541 February 14, 2011 Reply

    Valentine’s Day is so commercialized these days. Show your love to your other half not only on one specific day 14th February but everyday is a Valentine’s Day. Shower your loved ones with love, respect, joy, happiness and patience.

    Even though I do not have someone to share on this day, I would like to extend my sincere wish to all singles and everyone here a Blessed and Happy Valentine’s day and may your day fill with happiness.


  8. Roseanne-557920 February 14, 2011 Reply

    Hey, I just want to say that the options for this poll were strange and I never voted. I enjoy Vday but I don’t look forward to it, or anticipate, or want someone to share it with. I don’t dread it or hate it either.

    @John-59597: I will also be giving candy to the ladies at work :)) (And I will say that being alone is better than being with the wrong person). Cheers, John. And God Bless.

  9. Sherrill-anne-13557 February 13, 2011 Reply

    I have been fortunate to have had fond memories of Valentines Day in the past.I have celebrated the day since my husband passed away giving to my sons instead.It’s an opportunity to show love to those we care about.I hope that they would do the same for their spouse and children later on.

  10. John-59597 February 13, 2011 Reply

    It would be nice to have someone special, but I know what it’s like to be with the wrong person just to have someone. I channel my energies and give candy to the ladies at work and in my church choir

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