Terry & Scott Hit The Jackpot In Las Vegas


Terry lives in Las Vegas, where a willingness to cut the cards and take your chances is a way of life for many. She was willing to do the same thing in her search for a spouse, but she had the advantage of a stacked deck — by her prayerful assent, God was going to be her dealer.

Scott came into her life through CatholicMatch and after one month of online communication, the California man came east to meet the girl he called his “desert flower.” After they shared their first hug in a valet parking garage, Terry nicknamed him her “Valet Man.”

With the help of weekend cellphone plans and lots of instant messages they eventually became engaged. It’s been almost three years since they were married and they now have a two-year old baby boy. It’s safe to say Terry & Scott hit the jackpot.

Terry and Scott aren’t the only ones enjoying the fruits of love.

John and Patricia lived on opposite sides of San Diego and found each other on CatholicMatch last April. Their first date was for Mass at a “compromise” church, halfway between the two. It gave their relationship a faith-based foundation that took off right away.

They soon met each others’ families and made trips together in that regard to Northern California and Oregon. This past Christmas, at Midnight Mass, John presented her with an engagement ring, at the same church they’d met at eight months earlier.

Andres has chosen to keep the name of his special someone private, but let CatholicMatch know that they’ve been dating for over a year, after he was hesitant for an initial date due to previous bad experiences. He was ready to give up on CatholicMatch because it seemed he wasn’t having any luck, but she found him in time and Andres is grateful every day.

Their growing relationship is the latest example that one can’t give up based on what’s visible to the human eye — the answer to your prayers may be just around the corner and persistence always pays off.


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  1. Marie-575233 February 28, 2011 Reply

    There can never be enough inspiring stories.Good for them.

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