A Hiking Trip In The Rocky Mountains Got Anna A Ring


It had been a few months that Anna had been on CatholicMatch and she was wondering if the site was right for her. She was approaching her entry into the Church on Easter Virgil, and wanted to find Catholic friends in her area, so decided to give the site a chance, with the attitude that if something more developed she would follow God’s lead.

Living in Florida, her curiosity was piqued when she noticed a man from Colorado had looked at her profile. She returned the favor and liked the picture of him with his nephew at a baseball game. Anna sent him a “smile” emotigram and figured that was the end of it.

Steve sent her a message and they spent a few months e-mailing back on forth on CatholicMatch. Long-distance pen pals are one of the fruits of being on the site, often as a precursor to a relationship, and Anna didn’t see this as anything more than that. Steve was her “friend in Colorado.” Then he asked if he could come and visit her in Florida and it became apparent that she was more than that to him.

Anna’s basic openness to see where things would go continued, and she said he was welcome to come out, though she did need some time to reorient her thinking and view Steve as a potential romantic partner rather than a penpal.

It was last summer, July 2010, three months after initial contact that they met. By the time it was over, Anna no longer needed to get her thoughts straightened out.

“We fell in love at Amelia Island,” she said. “When we got to the airport to say our goodbyes, I knew that he was the man I was going to marry.”

The conviction of future matrimony was one thing, but they both knew they needed to spend more time together. They exchanged holiday visits, with him coming to South Florida for Thanksgiving and her going to California for Christmas, where he has family.

Last month Anna visited Colorado for a long weekend. They got on their snowshoes and went hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park for a talk about their future plans together. Steve brought the discussion to a halt within a half-hour of the hike — he dropped to one knee and pulled out a ring.

“I said yes a million times,” Anna told CatholicMatch. “It was the happiest day of both our lives.”

Anna is preparing to move to Denver and the wedding is scheduled for May 2012. God not only brought them together, but did so at exactly the right time and when they both were ready.


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    Yes this is great! I have a similar situation and hope it will be just as rewoarding for me. Thanks again for this great story.

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