Lent Day 2: ‘We Have To Read Between The Lines’


By Barb-505508

Last Sunday I became a grandmother for the second time. Yippee!

My son Mike and his wife, Alyssa, had a beautiful baby girl whom they named Grace Elizabeth. The name fits her perfectly since she was born during Sunday Mass.

All week I have been reflecting on what a true blessing Gracie is for our family and how easy it is to love her.

This stands in stark contrast to the emotions I felt when my first granddaughter, Madeline Jean, was born. You see, my husband and oldest son had passed away not too long before Maddie’s birth. I was stuck in a dark, lonely place when she arrived. Happiness seemed difficult to bear.

The joy of her birth was choked by the anguish I felt at going alone to the hospital. Fortunately, my youngest brother volunteered to go with me. While I held the baby, he stood quietly in the corner of the hospital room, offering the gentle moral support of a kid brother. As long as I live I will never forget this kindness.

With the birth of Grace, it seems I have come full circle. I delight in being a grandmother and spoiling these sweet little girls. It’s so much fun since we raised three sons. Now I’m relishing the pink daintiness, the bows and ruffles and giggles. To me, there’s a clear lesson: God is good all the time – we just have to read between the lines.

The heartache I suffered after the deaths of my son and husband seem similar, but small in comparison, to the suffering Jesus endured on the cross. Much as his rising from the dead on Easter Sunday brings back the “Alleluia” in our lives, so in His great mercy has He put the “alleluia” back in my life with Maddie and Gracie.

Reflection question: Think of a way God has put an alleluia back into your life.



  1. Carolaine-631526 April 18, 2011 Reply

    Barb, Congratulations to you and yours on your precious new bundle of love from the Heaven above…

    Your reflection and your posts are always so very inspirational…and your story in meeting your sweet man, right here on Catholic Match, gives so much hope to us all…

    When my brother, sister in law and I get together, and we see their beautiful children, amid the joy, we have felt a sadness that my parents never got to experience the wonderment of they…and then we believe…their grandparents in Heaven…kissed them when our merciful Lord showed these babies to them before they were sent from Heaven…

    Blessings and hugs to you and yours…keep on sharing…

  2. Theresa-642568 April 5, 2011 Reply

    What a positive story, where you have found such joy in these 2 new lives, after losing 2 incredibly close lives. I don’t think the “heartache” you suffered is small in comparison to Jesus’ suffering on the cross though. I only see it as a different – no doubt you shared similar emotional agony and despair to Jesus.

  3. Dawn-58330 March 11, 2011 Reply

    Barb, thank you for the reminder that Lent is a long road to New Life. And what a beautiful gift, to have that reminder to be the birth of Grace! God bless your Lenten observances!

  4. Steven-408478 March 11, 2011 Reply

    Hello Barb,
    The hardships in our lives help us become who He created us to be. Life is His gift to each of us. In this day when a select group choose the opposite… what a Blessing Grace will be to your family and the world. Please pray for the unborn that they may be loved by their parents and Grand Parents.
    Sweet Heart Of Mary Be our Salvation

  5. Jackie-694098 March 10, 2011 Reply

    This is beautiful and, yes, God is good all the time. It’s just sometimes we need to keep our eyes open (even through the tears) to see Him. Truly lovely piece,


  6. Ikeakanam A. March 10, 2011 Reply

    God is really good indeed. Whosoever believes in Him will always see light at d end of dark tunnel. It means dat when we die in d Lord,we shall reign with Lord.

  7. Kathy-555815 March 10, 2011 Reply

    Barb that was a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing it. God be with you.

  8. Joyce-670967 March 10, 2011 Reply

    Thanks Barb for sharing your cross with us, and helping us see that you can find joy once again after such losses as you have suffered.

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