Couples Connect The Dots On CatholicMatch


A recently engaged couple who met on CatholicMatch, Kate and Bob, wrote in with a concise summary of exactly what people are looking for when they come to this site. “…(we) were both searching for someone who shared common values and the Catholic faith and we’re grateful that your site helped us connect the dots.”

Let’s look at few more examples of couples who’ve connected the dots here on CatholicMatch.

Derrick was so hesitant about the idea of a long-distance relationship that he avoided even writing Carmela. Loneliness after his wife’s passing led him to seek companionship closer to home and more accessible. But he kept feeling the nudge to reach out and finally he wrote her a note.

That note turned into a back-and-forth of messages and photo exchanges and soon led to talking to each other on Skype.

“Skype was truly amazing,” said Derrick. “It is almost like being on a date and talking to each other across the table, except, of course, there is no food involved.”

It didn’t take long for Derrick to get on a plane to Lima, Peru. Their previous conversations on Skype eliminated the awkwardness of a first meeting and he spent a week and a half getting to know both Carmela and her mother even better. It was clear to Derrick he had someone special and after she made a return visit, they were engaged and he filed the paperwork to bring her to the States on a fiancé visa. There’s still some loose ends to tie up for Carmela, but they are both excited and looking forward to their future together.

John and Lauren seemed to have something going as they messaged back on forth on CatholicMatch — or so he thought. She shot him down when he asked her out. But as fate would have it, a month later they saw each other in line for confession. “We were both too chicken too say anything,” Lauren said. “Come on, it was a month since we e-mailed and I’d turned the guy down once before.”

After John got back home, he dropped her a note, hoping she didn’t find it rude he hadn’t said hello. Not only did she not find it rude, but the exchange started off a new round of messages and this time to a first date…which led to an engagement…which led to marriage.

John and Lauren’s photo is the one accompanying this story and his handling of the situation provides a textbook example of how to handle rejection. He moved on, lived his life and when a door was opened he handled it with prudence and grace.

Heather and Robert spent enough time getting to know each other online that when they finally met it felt like they had been friends forever. “Our friendship grew so deeply into love, we feel that we married as best friends,” Heather told CatholicMatch. She believes the best lesson single people can apply is to stay true to your faith, let the Lord do his work and remember that “Father Knows Best.”



  1. Kathleen-474012 March 26, 2011 Reply

    The Success stories on this site touch my heart and hopefully God will put someone in my Path also. Patience is a virtue as they say and I am “patiently” waiting for Him to steer my course!

  2. Jacquelin-676956 March 24, 2011 Reply

    God Bless, I am Peruvian I hope I find love soon too, I was touched by your story.

  3. Geysha-696950 March 12, 2011 Reply

    Yes, The Father knows best, what and who we needs. If we pray, listen Him and do His will everything is going to be all right.

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