Get Perspective! See Your (Single) Life With Faith


A few years ago a priest friend of mine sent a poem about faith out with his annual Christmas letter. His note shared the news with his family and friends that he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Once a prolific writer, he had been struggling to express himself in words,  so he passed on the words of someone else to convey deeper things.


To see things
without faith
is to see
too close up.

Close-ups make little things
seem like big things.
Close-ups show pieces.
Pieces don’t make patterns.
To see things this way
is not to see
things as they are.

To see things
with faith
is to see
with distance.

Distance make things fit.
When things fit together,
they make a whole.
When things fit together,
they make a pattern.
They make sense.
With faith
one sees patterns.
With faith one sees things
as they are

-Author Unknown

Faith gestates hope and the fullness of hope is love. I think my friend was trying to say that if we are people who see with faith, we will be  inspired by the possibilities (and people!) that God is always bringing in o our midst. Often we can’t see what is in front of us because we are too close and too self involved.

As a single person, a lack of hopefulness might cause us to say “I’ll never meet the right person,” or “There are not good people out there to date.”

Though my friend’s mental capacities diminished, I believe on a fundamental level his faith grew stronger. A brilliant scholar, he had to detach from intellectual work and even just simple writing.

As someone who had made a few enemies in his career and ministry, he was proud to proclaim that he had forgotten his fiercest grudges. Unessential things were being stripped away.

Take a step back and take a look at your life.

  • Where are your blind spots?  What needs to be stripped away?
  • What patterns or paths might you be missing?
  • How has faith helped you to see the bigger picture?

My friend found detachment, serenity and forgiveness. Being on a website focused on the interests of single people begs the question:

  • What are you not seeing or who are you not finding because you can’t take a step back?



  1. Shelly-677032 March 10, 2011 Reply

    Absolutely inspired essay!!! Thank you so much! I loved every heartbeat of this work.

  2. Sherrill-anne-13557 March 8, 2011 Reply

    St Raphael help us to remove our blind spots.

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