‘Like’ The New JPII Facebook Page


In anticipation of the upcoming beatification of John Paul II, the Vatican has launched a Facebook page for the late Holy Father’s pontificate.

VATICAN CITY — Vatican Radio and the Vatican Television Center are putting snippets from their vast audio and film archives of Pope John Paul II’s pontificate online on YouTube and Facebook.

The initiative, launched today, is meant as a run-up to the late pope’s beatification May 1.

The new YouTube page is here and features short clips of Pope John Paul, starting with his election in 1979.

Every day three to four videos will be uploaded, and the language John Paul II is speaking will be designated.

No doubt, the late Holy Father would have been so grateful to see Facebook being used to spread his teachings, because much like his successor, John Paul II was a great believer in communicating the Gospel message in all ways possible.

Follow this link to the official John Paul II page, and reflect with the Catholic Church on the greatness of the teachings of this late pontiff.


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  1. Maria-846262 January 25, 2013 Reply

    I wish the Vatican was more readily eager to embrace our modern society in other ways.

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