Like the Royals Do: Classy Bachelor Parties Do Exist


It appears soon-to-be married Prince William has survived his bachelor party, much to the disappointment of gossip mags, paparazzi and bloggers around the globe.

With Best Man Prince Harry planning the event, the media speculated that the bachelor party would mirror some of Prince Harry’s highly-criticized partying days, but now after the event, it appears no one really knows how Prince William celebrated his final single days before his April 29 nuptials.

US Weekly reported that 22 guests spent the weekend with Princes William and Harry at a friend’s estate in Norfolk, while the UK-based Daily Mail reported that a mere £2,500 (approximately $4,000) funded the event. No scandalous photos, no wild rumors and no last-ditch public relations crises have sprung up, suggesting this event, no matter how wild or tame, was kept largely contained.

A bachelor or bachelorette party is considered a rite of passage in our culture. It marks the transition from engaged to married, and along with the wedding plans and bridal showers, the event is expected. Bachelor and bachelorette parties are riddled with negative undertones due to tales of excessive alcohol and questionable behavior, but as a 20-something who has and will attend many more of these events, I know that bachelorette and bachelor parties can be both classy and fun. And yes, they do exist.

If you’re on the planning end, here are some ideas to ensure the event doesn’t turn into a repeat of “The Hangover:”

For the ladies:

  • Spa day: Indulge in manicures, pedicures and massages with your favorite girls.
  • Cabin weekend: Pack a cozy sweatshirt and the s’more ingredients for a relaxing getaway.
  • Wine tasting: Take a scenic drive and sample some new brands with a plate of cheese and crackers
  • Salsa or swing dancing: Looking to hit the dance floor? Find a local salsa or swing dancing hangout.

For the guys:

  • Poker night: Get your buddies together for a classic guy’s night of cards and trash-talking.
  • Paintball tournament: Work up a sweat and get those competitive juices flowing during an afternoon or paintballing.
  • Tailgating: Pack a cooler and hunker down outside the groom’s favorite stadium and hope the home team wins!
  • Fishing trip: For the outdoorsy group, gather a few fishing poles and provisions and spend a weekend out on the water.

Bachelor and bachelorette parties may have a bad rap, but it only takes a few creative thinkers (and perhaps Prince Harry) to initiative a change to that stereotype.

CatholicMatchers, have you planned or attended a classy bachelor or bachelorette party that defies the cultural norm?


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