Marci: ‘I’m Worried I Have Drifted Off Course’


By Marci-365801

I’ve always loved the wind.

You can’t help but notice nature. The trees bend in homage. The leaves compete to see who can hold on the longest. Snowflakes shimmy and twirl.

On the Kansas plains, I remember watching the wind blow in a line of clouds, so of course, I also love storms.

Perhaps it is only natural that one of my favorite Gospel stories is that of Jesus calming the storms. Jesus could be found in the storms – one of my favorite places!

That’s where some of us recognize Him most easily.

If I had been in that boat, I know I would have been one of the first to recognize Him because I would have been out looking at the sea and enjoying the storm. I would have been jumping up and down in excitement and pointing, “Look, He’s coming!”

This Lent I am asking myself: “What about the boat that I am in today? Would I recognize Jesus today?”

I’m worried that I may have drifted a little off course. It is calm, but my boat is empty. There is no one else here. There don’t appear to be any safe harbors. I am isolated and drifting. There is no wind. My sails are limp.

It just feels like I am moving too slowly – drifting further out into the deep, away from everyone else.  And so I pray:

Dear God, don’t let me get lost. Please send someone to help me navigate. It would make the journey so much more pleasant. Together, we could count the stars and marvel at your wonderful creation as we watch a sunset. But if that’s not possible, please just send me a little wind. Fill my sails and help me soar closer and closer to my final destination.


Reflection question: How can you pick up a little wind on your spiritual journey?



  1. Andrew-680201 March 20, 2011 Reply

    Great story! Thank you so much for sharing you words – I’ll remember this prayer… it hits home.

  2. Steven-408478 March 18, 2011 Reply

    Hello Marci,

    Very nice and personal. The way I put His wind in my sails is to listen. We can only hear “What He tells us to do” when we are still. Our Father said “Do as He tells you” His Mother Mary said “Do as He tells you.” Then He sent the Holy Spirit and the room was filled with wind. I feel that the Holy Spirit is the best wind to fill my sails. Lent is a great time to catch a huge gust of His Love for us.


    • Frances-26250 March 18, 2011 Reply

      Marci, that prayer really inspired me. I think the Holy Spirit blew through you to all of us here on the site. Thanks for being an open vessel.

  3. Tanya-63933 March 17, 2011 Reply

    This was absolutely fantastic, Marci. It is exactly how I am feeling, how I have been feeling for quite some time now, if truth be told. When I read, “…don’t let me get lost…if that’s not possible, please just send me a little wind.” I choked up. You put it so perfectly. Thank you so very much for sharing this.

    • Dawn-58330 March 18, 2011 Reply

      Marci, I agree with Tanya. This is wonderful! Such a beautiful prayer, too.

      I also have a “thing” for the wind. It is the Holy Spirit, my Muse. Ideas blow in the wind. While I am not a fan of storms, I do love having the wind blow things about. The breath of God… inspiration is in the wind.

      I also was reminded that scripture speaks of Hope being our anchor. (Hebrews 6:19) When we feel adrift, lost or in danger, we are held fast in fog or storm by the Love of God and His Faithfulness to us. Our boat may be tiny and tossed, but it will not drown at sea. God will carry us Home.

      Thank you for the wonderful inspiration!

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