Matthew-695017: ‘Lent Is Not A Dark & Gloomy Time’


By Matthew-695017

Sacrifice can’t happen without love. It is a voluntary act beyond what is required; anything less than love is merely payment for services rendered.

When dating, I start with sacrifice. I get rid of distractions that prevent me from giving my girlfriend my full attention. I look for ways to make her smile for no other reason than to see her smile. I seek to keep myself pure for her, inside and out, appearing at my best at all times and putting her above my own needs.

It is sacrifice, but because it’s out of love, it’s never hardship.

It’s often said that strong faith will help us find the one we will spend our lives with, but it’s more likely to work in the opposite direction. The strongest force behind my growth in faith over the years has been from the women that I have loved, teaching me about what love truly means.

There is a reason why God uses marriage to describe His relationship with us.

Because of this, Lent is not a dark and gloomy time any more than your own preparations for a date could be. It is a time of love and celebration, preparing to bring the One who is true love more fully into your life. Preparation like that, when out of love, can never be hardship.

So take the time to prepare for the Lord. Wash yourself, paying attention for those little blemishes that might make you look less than your best. Put on your finest and avoid seeming gloomy or stressed.

Easter will be a date to remember…and who knows? It might just lead to a long and happy relationship.

Reflection question: What blemish is God calling you to wash away?



  1. Michael-610938 April 6, 2011 Reply

    I really like to fast, a real fast, during Lent. It’s not easy, though. Here’s a blog post about it. It’s too long to copy/paste it in a comment here, so I’ll just give you a link:

  2. Frances-26250 March 26, 2011 Reply

    What a great analogy!

  3. Sherrill-anne-13557 March 25, 2011 Reply


    ‘With love there is no labour”

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