Pope: ‘We Cannot Serve Two Masters, God & Money’


I don’t know about you, but I can be a worrier sometimes. So last Sunday’s Gospel is a reading that always resonates deeply with me, reminding me that God will always provide.

God will always provide.

It’s a statement that is easier said than believed during times like these, when unemployment rates are so high and the nation, and world, are scrambling to find money where money can’t be found.

But God will always provide, that’s the message last Sunday’s Gospel proclaims. And the Holy Father wants us to remember we must put God first in our journey through this earth.

“Faced with the situation of so many people who, near and far, live in dire poverty, these words of Jesus may seem unrealistic, even evasive,” the Holy Father added.

“Yet in fact the Lord wants us to understand clearly that we cannot serve two masters: God and money. Those who believe in God, the Father full of love for His children, give priority to seeking His Kingdom and His will. This is the exact opposite of fatalism. … Faith in Providence, does not, in fact, dispense us from the arduous struggle of living a dignified life, but frees us from our attachment to things and our fear of the morrow”.

Will putting trust in God eliminate life’s challenges? No. Will it miraculously put food on the table and money in the bank? No. But neither will worrying about it all.

So in the words of St. Augustine, “Work as if everything depended upon you, pray as if anything depended upon God.” Because it all does depend on God, and we must never forget that.


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  1. Sherrill-anne-13557 March 6, 2011 Reply

    Faith moves mountains.He guides us very often.

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