Ron-40989: ‘Remember We Are Purifying Our Love’


By Ron-40989

The holy season of Lent calls us to purify our love.

Personally, I approach Lent with trepidation: Am I ready to enter more deeply into myself? Am I ready to acknowledge my sins and do penance? Am I ready for sacrifice?

In the face of all these questions, I am reminded of one simple fact: love always requires sacrifice. The lover is willing to die for the sake of the beloved. Christ is the greatest lover in the history of creation. We, as His humble disciples, are called to be like our Divine Master.

In our anticipation of the joys and rewards we may find in a future spouse, we often overlook our own need for preparation to the awesome responsibility of love.

For the sake of my spouse, God will require a pure and heroic love free from self-interest, self-gratification and pride. The holy mother Church, thus, offers us this beautifully difficult time of purification, and in it, we can embrace the daily deaths that will serve to purify our love for the great demands of His holy will.

Each penance we offer to God teaches us something about the true meaning of love and each sacrifice we make out of love of God will also purify our love for our neighbor for the sake of God. We will have no neighbor more cherished than our future spouse.

As we slog through this season of penance, it is good to remember we are purifying our love –foremost for God, our one true love, but also for the good of our future spouse.

The happiness we will find in the future will be all the more poignant as it is strengthened by a pure love. That is the gift of Lent: It allows us to prepare for the task set before us, the glorious and fearful call to love.

Reflection question: What sacrifice can you make today that will prepare you to more deeply love your future spouse?



  1. Karen-246239 April 6, 2011 Reply

    We gave up making love for Lent. I have a very strong yearning to receive the Eucharist. I’m actually praying that after 6 weeks, my manfriend will want to continue following our Catholic teaching and to have to go without Holy Communion is painful. He’s just a natural human man, not demanding really, so don’t get the wrong impression. How do other singles avoid this physical intimacy?

  2. Tammy-492301 March 22, 2011 Reply

    This is beautiful Ron…. I think you’ve articulated in a few short paragraphs what I’ve struggled to even put into words. I also want to echo the other person who mentioned that we need strong, male role models for our youth. I certainly hope you’d consider volunteering with the youth at your Church…. As an active volunteer with the youth at my Church – I know this is an area where men of faith are desperately needed. Pax-

  3. Angie-584510 March 22, 2011 Reply

    Ron, great reflection! I couldn’t agree more with you, especially when it comes to the meaning of love. Unfortunately, we live in a culture that demands instant self-gratification, enjoyment, pleasure and happiness which chooses to ignore the real meaning of “love” and “sacrifice” and consequently undermining the reward associated with the latter two. If we indeed could change the paradigm and follow Christ example on the cross, divorce rate wouldn’t be as high and for many couples it wouldn’t longer be an option. True love works from inside out. It is about “what can I do for you?” and not “what can you do for me”? Needless to say, embracing our own crosses freely and voluntarily bring us closer to Christ and help us in our own conversion. Lent is such a great opportunity for reflection and spiritual growth. Yes, it’s time to prepare the soil of our soul for what could be the stage of a holy relationship with a future spouse.

  4. Richard-632838 March 22, 2011 Reply

    I thought your theme was right on the money and the reflection well written. We often forget that since Lent is suppose to being us closer to God, then it is to bring us closer to Love. Both forgiveness and repentance, two major themes in Lent, do require the love you are talking about. I think you could take something you said even further. You said “love requires sacrifice”. I say, “Love is sacrifice”. To love is to sacrifice. I am reminded of this every time I see the crucifix. There has never been a greater sacrifice, because there has never been a greater love.

  5. Frances-26250 March 21, 2011 Reply

    Nice tie in to the single life.

  6. Dawn-58330 March 21, 2011 Reply

    Ron, I really appreciate your reflection. This concept, love equals sacrifice, is something of a theme for me and my students this year. You beautifully stated what has been a focus of much of my work, and thus, my life this year. Purification is such a beautiful word and ancient concept. Trepidation is exactly the spirit we should bring to it, as it is like approaching the Holy of Holies!

  7. Steven-408478 March 21, 2011 Reply

    Excellent job! We men need to listen to His request for a deeper understanding of His mercy. Through knowledge we can be a beacon in the storms for our neighbors, family and friends. Men need to let the walls tumble that keep us from our true callings. I pray that more men will do as you are doing Ron. Pray for guidance to help mentor “At Risk Teenagers” who have no positive male role model to teach them His forgiveness of our transgressions.

    I for the sake of whom He will send to me will be sacrificing my will! Instead of defining man from the outside I will describe to the life of human beings experience from the inside. I pray to see with my heart.


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