Rosalia-544329: ‘Amazingly, I Feel Saved’


By Rosalia-544329

Being single in embracing Lent 2011 means a tremendous blessing to repent, rejoice, recommit and renew one’s life and spirituality.

I believe God spares me and gives me time to welcome wholeheartedly whichever future partner He’s preparing for me.

For 12 years I was engaged to a non-believer. I kept my faith and prayers that somehow, someday, he would be able to see God’s grace, compassion and blessings through me and our relationship. It ended recently, due to his refusal to receive the sacrament of matrimony, after we had decided to get married. It was totally the opposite of my principle.

So here I am, becoming single again.

It is my first Lent single after more than a decade of engagement. Amazingly, I feel saved.

Surely, I feel that something is missing in my life. However, Lent has invited me to reflect on the meaning of being a Catholic. Not only in status and prayer but as something consistently held in my heart.

I wouldn’t exchange what I believe for anything. Lent gives me strength to move on, forgive and keep the faith, hoping that God will eventually send me a true partner – not only in life but also in faith.

This Lent I lift up my gratitude to the Lord, who has preserved, protected, and guarded me. In His salvation, I shall be reborn – and so I surrender.

I let Him use my heart, my soul, my everything to spread His love and grace.

Thank You, Father. Thy will be done.

Reflection question: What is your prayer of gratitude?

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  1. Rosalia-544329 March 29, 2011 Reply

    Dear Frances, thank you for the response, and yes, we shouldn’t worry about what would happen to us as long as we keep believing that God loves us more than anything. Have a wonderful Lent and keep raising your prayer of gratitudes…

  2. Frances-26250 March 29, 2011 Reply

    What I learned from you is that God is trustworthy. When things do not work out as we had hoped, there is a greater good that He has for us and it is ok to surrender to a God that loves us enough to move us up into the next great thing He has for us. Your testimony is powerful. Thanks for sharing something so huge and so personal with the rest of us searchers. I truly appreciate that generosity.

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