Sherry-118409: ‘My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?’


By Sherry-118409

Jesus, these 40 days are difficult. I want to walk the road to Calvary with you, but I know the road is long.

I have seen long roads before. Times when I didn’t know the way, times when the path seemed too steep to climb. I am afraid of the twists and turns and I am afraid of losing sight of you.

Help me to remember how, on the way to the cross, your mother was there. Help me to remember to turn to her, for she is familiar with sorrow. She is there to wipe away tears and to bring me back to you.

On the night before you died, you asked your followers to keep watch for one hour. In the busyness of daily life, I become distracted, forgetting you are there, waiting for me to spend time with you in the silence away from the cares of life.

There are times when my focus drifts to my search for a spouse and the sometimes frustrating experience that can be. I forget about the people around me, needing my help.

Help me to remember that you are right there with me, reminding me that you are closer than any human companion. Help me to listen for your still, small voice so I may see the needs of the people along the path.

On the cross you felt abandoned and you cried out to the Heavenly Father, “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?” How often have I asked that same question, not when my life was in danger, but when it hasn’t turned out quite the way I imagined it should? I am familiar with that prayer.

Help me, Jesus, to keep this time of loneliness in perspective, and when I am feeling abandoned, help me to turn to you, for you know what it feels like to be alone.

Reflection question: Who am I overlooking in my busyness?

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  1. Sherry-118409 March 28, 2011 Reply

    Thank you Carolaine, Ron, Frances, and Joyce. I appreciate your responses and your encouraging words. A blessed lent to each of you!

  2. Joyce-670967 March 27, 2011 Reply

    Sherry, thanks for giving us a very timely reminder and a wonderful reflection and thanks for using your gifts for the rest of the body of Christ. Great application of the cross and to look for the blessings of being single… less drama, less distractions, and more time to seek Him. Blessings to you and all of us during this Lenten season.

  3. Frances-26250 March 26, 2011 Reply

    How profound, convicting and reassuring all at once. Brava, Sherry.

    Its true, He is just waiting for us to even toss him the crumb of a thought.

    “Lord, make us turn to you. Let us see your face, and we will be saved”.

  4. Ron-40989 March 26, 2011 Reply

    This reflection is truly humble, beautiful, and honest. Thank you for sharing it! The amazing fact we almost always forget is that in the moment of desolation God is often the most near to us. The moment when Christ cried out to His Father from the Holy Cross was the most glorious, meaningful, fruitful event in the entire history of creation yet Christ felt entirely desolate, abandoned, and forsaken. How often are we hard-hearted and forget. I also appreciate the theme of waiting one hour for Lent is much like this one hour. The hour in the Garden of Agony was one hour fighting off sleep, one hour in sorrow, one hour in desolation, and Lent can often have the same experience (so too our entire lives). Your reflection just reminded me how when things do not go how we thought they should go and God guides everything in a quite different way that we should thank Him all the more because, most likely, He is doing something even better than we could have imaged or planned on our own. God bless you during this holy season of Lent, Sherry.

  5. Carolaine-631526 March 26, 2011 Reply

    Sherry…this is beautiful…what a wondrous reflection, so from your heart…you should write permanently for CM…
    Thank you so much…we can all benefit from your reflection…
    Blessings to you and yours…

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