Texas-Style Love Being Found On CatholicMatch


Lynn and John are one of many Texas couples finding love on CatholicMatch

The state of Texas does everything in a big way and two couples from CatholicMatch, Lynn and John, whose photo is shown here, along with Ernest and Amanda are just another example of that.

Lynn was wary of online dating, including CatholicMatch. It wasn’t that she was unfamiliar with the concept. She tried it once before and didn’t have much luck. When her sister decided to sign up, Lynn thought it over and opted to reactivate her own account and see where it led her.

The values she shared with John were a good foundation to start, but it was their mutual willingness to learn from each other and grow together that made her quickly realize she had someone special in her life. Their communication followed what has become a traditional CatholicMatch trajectory of messaging through the site to phone calls to face-to-face meeting in a public place.

Six months after they met they traveled to Germany to visit Lynn’s sister. It was there John proposed and she accepted. They are now married and live in Houston.

Ernest sees his relationship with Amanda in the light of God’s will and that CatholicMatch was simply the venue in which He chose for them to meet. This prayerful couple truly looks forward to time spent together in prayer and discerning God’s will together. The 31-year old man from a large family in the Corpus Christi era wasn’t looking for a long-distance relationship, but the woman from Missouri was who attracted him.

“We know that this distance is part of God’s plan for us,” he told CatholicMatch. Ernest went on to speak in Pauline tones, reminding us all that “Love is not needy or selfish, but sacrificing and serving. We both believe this and are willing to accept God’s will wherever it may lead us.” The young couple sees something truly beautiful in what is developing in their lives.

If you’re in Texas—or for that matter, even if you’re not—take a look at the Events Calendar to check out a big CatholicMatch weekend in San Antonio at the end of May. Success stories have come out of these events, including the story of this now-married Texas girl who found her true love at a CatholicMatch event. Whether it’s at an event or in the forums, or elsewhere in the online community, step on out and your success story can be written next.


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