Alicia Changed Her Approach & Got Brett As The Reward


Alicia’s dating life had caused her a lot of pain before she came to CatholicMatch. Being introduced to people through mutual friends or meeting them in bars hadn’t worked out for her. Her intentions and values were in the right place, but she was finding out the men she dated didn’t share them.

To do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result is often termed as the definition of insanity and Alicia was anything but. She was determined to create a different result by altering her actions. Her brother, presently in the seminary, had brought her back to regular practice of the Faith and on the back of her parish bulletin was an ad for CatholicMatch. Alicia decided to give it a chance.

The 25-year old from the Columbus area was able to get some immediate results, even if they weren’t the final result. She dated someone in her local area for a few months. “It was good to see someone who held my same moral values and thoughts.” In light of what would take place next, we can see this as the sort of intermediary step that often happens before God’s will fully manifests itself.

With that relationship over, Brett began t send her emotigrams. Alicia thought about waiting, in light of the recent breakup, but they kept it at messaging and phone level for a few months, even though they were from the same area, in the interests of keeping a slow pace.

When their first face-to-face meetings, at a Buffalo Wild Wings, took place, Alicia was in the right place. “I found that I really like Brett,” she told CatholicMatch. “His personality was so real and interesting and his faith background matched mine.”

As they continued to date, Alicia came to love how Brett related to his niece and nephew, whom he is exceptionally close. “I saw how wonderful Brett was with these children and knew that he would be wonderful children of his own right away.” She went on to add that his kindness towards here—a love that was never manipulative and always giving and nurturing, solidified her commitment to him.

One evening, after they had dated ten months, Alicia came home from work to find wine and candles. Her day had been a tough one and Brett knew it. After talking for a bit, he asked her to marry him and she accepted.

Brett and Alicia have now been married for five months and bought a home in the Columbus area.



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