Archbishop Chaput’s Easter Message To CatholicMatch


Human beings can survive quite happily without many of the trinkets that seem so essential to modern life.

Very few things are really necessary for the human heart. But love is one of them.

No one can live very long without love. We need to give love to others, and we need to receive it ourselves. God hardwired that yearning into our nature. It’s His signature on our soul. As Scripture reminds us, God is love – and we are made in His image.

Most of us find the love of our life in a spouse and children; others, in the fruitfulness of priestly service or religious life; and others still, in the freedom to achieve and create within the single vocation.

But none of these paths is an end in itself.

Each of them, walked with faith and hope, leads to the same destination: the God whom Dante described as “the love that moves the sun and the other stars.”

Easter is the celebration of life, the triumph of the God who loves us so passionately that He suffered, died and rose again to deliver us from darkness and death.

May God lead all of us to find the path in life He intends for each of us; the path that will bring us home to Him.


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  1. Carlos-1151986 March 27, 2015 Reply

    Thank you, Archbishop Chaput.

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