Matt Overcame His Aversion To Technology


To call Matt skeptical of online dating would be to understate his aversion to modern social networking techniques.

“I had never blogged, chatted, tweeted, or participated in a forum discussion – much less thrown my hat into the online dating arena,” the 34-year old from the Madison, Wis., area said. Yet it would not only be CatholicMatch, but communication tools such as Skype, that would bring him to the woman he was being called to.

Matt became familiar with CatholicMatch through ads on Relevant Radio when he listened to the Catholic station in the car. It hit such a nerve with him that he began to resent it and turn down the sound when the ads came on.

But he was feeling called to marriage and wanted someone who shared his deep love of the Church. A 2009 pilgrimage to a local shrine to Our Lady of Guadalupe, where he prayed for his future spouse had preceded those oh-so-annoying radio ads.

It took more prayer for Matt to finally come on to CatholicMatch. After a 54-day rosary novena he decided to go online and create a profile. He immediately began receiving emotigrams, which unnerved him a bit.

Four days after joining, one of those emotes came from Michelle in Raleigh. Matt did not have an interest in looking for a long-distance relationship. But he was impressed with her profile and obvious love for her faith.

Before Matt knew it he was in the midst of good e-mail correspondence which became quality phone conversations. And the man who had a distaste for social networking, had avoided radio advertisements and preferred to date locally, was suddenly on a plane to Raleigh.

“Michelle was even more beautiful in person than in her pictures,” Matt told CatholicMatch. He flew down again a month later and now he was using Skype to talk to her several times each week in addition to daily phone conversations.

The budding relationship got a big help from Matt’s employer, who agreed to let him work offsite, so he could take the leap and move to Raleigh, allowing him and Michelle to spend more time together in person. He was eager to propose as soon as he got there, but she prudently suggested they give it six months.

The time flew by and the couple soon became engaged. They were the answer to each other’s prayers and not just in the general sense of looking for a spouse. A parishioner of Michelle’s had strangely prophesied to her that she would meet her spouse in one year. To the date, Matt arrived in Raleigh.

His prayerful guidance was even more direct. Before ever joining CatholicMatch, he asked God to know the name of his spouse. The answer came back: “Her name is Michelle.”



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