Craig-88457: ‘One Of Those Moments That Lasts A Lifetime’


By Craig-88457

I recently traveled to Shanghai on business and was dropped off at the front of the international terminal. As the van pulled in, I saw a woman – a beggar who, at some point in her life, had been severely burned.

Her face was deeply scarred and she had the use of only three fingers on each hand.

It was a busy morning, and I have to admit: She was something I personally didn’t want to deal with.

My first instinct was to go into the terminal and just avoid the situation.

But then another, stronger instinct kicked in and I knew without a doubt that wasn’t the Christian response. I pulled out some money and gave it to her. She bowed to me and thanked me in Chinese several times.

For a moment, our eyes met… and it was one of those moments that seems to last a lifetime. I wondered if I hadn’t just seen the face of Jesus.

As we stepped out of the van, I asked my co-worker if he had seen her. He had not and had no idea what I was talking about. And when I turned to look back for her, I could no longer see her on the platform.  Why did I see her and my colleague did not?

As Catholics during Lent, we’re challenged to make a true and total change in our direction along the path of life. At times that change forces us to stand against a strong current that conflicts with what we’re bombarded with through so many mediums and people.

As single people seeking significant others, we are called to see the value of people beyond some pleasure or benefit we might receive from them. We’re each challenged to pursue a common good greater than ourselves.

May God grant us wisdom to help us on the journey.

Reflection question: Do you view others as Jesus does?

Editor’s note

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  1. Eva-584625 April 8, 2011 Reply

    Craig,thank you for responding to the call Of God through the needy lady,You saw the Face of “Jesus.” I am so touched by that moment that lasts lifetime.
    Your reward awaits in Heaven.

  2. Barb-505508 April 8, 2011 Reply

    Craig, I am deeply moved by your story. It sounds like the hand of God reached out to you and you answered his cry. I do beleve that God has a plan for you Craig and that you are already aware of the wonders he is working in your life.

    Happy Easter to You

  3. Careese-449851 April 8, 2011 Reply

    What a powerful experience and lesson shared, Craig! It has me thinking…Thank you for taking the time to submit this story. It blessed me.

  4. Mary-664841 April 7, 2011 Reply

    How wonderful to know that Jesus is everywhere all the time seeing all things! AMEN!

  5. Carolaine-631526 April 7, 2011 Reply

    Oh my gosh, Craig..your essay brought chills to me…what a most beautiful reflection…
    Your prose brings to my mind the words of Jesus…”Whatever you do unto the least of My brethren, you do for Me…” I have no doubt you were blessed with seeing the face of our Master and his Angels…

    Yes, this too, has happened to me…someone helping or needing help, unexplainably…and then once our lives touched…they were not visible in sight to anyone…

    This happened to me with a snake in Southern California…my dogs and I were walking on a trail and the sun grew extremely bright and I could not see but kept the boys and I from walking on…way down the trail I saw a man waving us back furiously, I felt chills, and something told us to go back…

    Later that day, I learned from neighbors who saw rattlers on the trail…and I was living in a gated community, the Stranger on the trail, dressed in a robe was not a resident…that changed my life forever and I feel so very much I live amid our Lord and His angels, always at hand…and my most heartfelt of gratitude…how blessed we are…those in the faith…the believers…

    Bless your for sharing…your essay makes us want to go out and do so much for everyone, especially during this Lenten season…I need to do more good works….

    Thank you, Craig…Bravo and Applause!!!

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