Dan-139782: ‘I’m Rolling With The Dating Disappointments’


Dan has been on CatholicMatch.com for six years

By Dan-139782

Being a young Catholic single in Chicagoland has brought many challenges over the years. I am currently 36 and have been searching for a good quality Catholic lady since I was 20.

I have attended many events for 20- and 30-somethings: Theology On Tap, Yatch Club, ALPHA, game nights, movie nights, retreats, Spirit & Truth, praise & worship, meet-up groups, fundraisers, oil painting classes, dance nights and other socials.

I have met and dated some great ladies; however, we did not coagulate. Either I was interested in her and she was not interested in me or she was interested in me and I was not interested in her.

I have been a member of CatholicMatch for more than six years and have not found the right mate yet, but I believe this service is a great way to meet some quality Catholics, so keep the faith during your journey.

After learning about Pope John Paul’s Theology of the Body, I have come to appreciate his work and those who have answered his call to spread the word. I met some really great ladies who have made great spouses for my friends.

It is true when people say that, if you want a good laugh, make plans and then see what plans God has for you.

This Lent, I’m trying to place more trust in His plans. I’m rolling with the dating disappointments and looking for the positives. I know His grace surrounds me every day.

Reflection question: Where is God’s grace today?

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  1. Paul-663898 April 11, 2011 Reply


  2. Carolaine-631526 April 6, 2011 Reply

    Dan, Your reflection is wonderful!
    As you said…”We plan, God laughs!”
    And your meeting “the one” is in His time, not ours…
    Rest assured, your lady’s journey to you and you to she has begun and you both have done things in life that will prepare you for this wondrous of meetings…and the time will be right…

    Blessings to you…

  3. Gemma-690133 April 5, 2011 Reply

    Hi Dan,

    Will pray that you may find her soon. I do believe St. Joseph can help you on this.
    Never give up; instead, enjoy the present, learn from past experiences and hope for a bright future. God knows what is best for His children. He probably wants you to pray unceasingly.

    By the way, this coming May 1, John Paul II will be beatified, it may be good to ask his intercession.


    • Frances-26250 April 9, 2011 Reply

      I’ll pray at JPII’s tomb in one week! I can’t wait. I promise to pray for all on this site and other Catholic sites. I also prayed a 30 day novena to St. Joseph for everyone on here. I agree, Gemma, St. Joseph and just keep praying with hope. Peace to all lonely and seeking hearts out there.

  4. Bridget L. April 5, 2011 Reply

    Dan, it will happen when you least expect it, not on our timing, but on God’s. We don’t know the plans He has for us, but they are good, plans for our future to give us a hope.

  5. Barb-505508 April 4, 2011 Reply

    Dear Dan,

    Rest secure in the knowledge that Miss Right is out there. God truly has a plan for you, just as he does for me and everyone else on this site. Trust me when I say that when you meet Miss Right, there will be fireworks, bells and whistles and you won’t have any doubt that she’s the one. God has sent two wonderful men into my life. The first passed away almost five years ago and I am dating the second one now and he is from CM. Believe me when I say that I would have never found Mr. Right on my searches because he lives 3 hours away. He contacted me and I gave him a chance and it has changed my life forever. I’ll keep you in my prayers tonight Dan.


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