Holy Father On Holy Thursday: God Seeks You


Pope Benedict XVI spoke to catechumens on Holy Thursday

The Triduum celebrates the holiest days of Christianity. As we follow our Lord through his final days, mourn His passing, and celebrate His resurrection, we see so many of His last gifts to us – the priesthood, the Eucharist, and His life. All of this remind us of one thing: God loves us. It sounds so cliche and perhaps overstated, but the depth of this truth is profound.

Pope Benedict reminded the faithful of this truth in his homily for the Chrism Mass, which traditionally takes place on Holy Thursday morning. When speaking about the significance of the oil for catechumens he said:

The oil of catechumens tells us that it is not only we who seek God: God himself is searching for us. The fact that he himself was made man and came down into the depths of human existence, even into the darkness of death, shows us how much God loves his creature, man. Driven by love, God has set out towards us.

It’s striking to think about a God who would time after time seek our hearts for love. Like the catechumens, who are drawn to God in conversion, so should we always be drawn to God in conversion, out of thanksgiving for His love. “We should always remain catechumens,” the pope says.


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  1. Constance-712913 April 27, 2011 Reply

    I know I’m a week late, but I loved this post. It’s amazing the lengths that God will go to seek us out and bring us to Him. <3

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