Dave & Katie: ‘Is This Guy Going To Make A Move Or What?’


Dave and Katie were doing the equivalent of the high school couple who keeps looking at each other across the dance floor, obviously interested in each other, but nothing happening. In the world of CatholicMatch that means they kept clicking on each other’s profile, showing up in the other’s encounters, but with no actual contact taking place.

“Is this guy going to make a move or what?” Katie thought.

Finally she decided it would have to be her who made the first move. “I figured if he was interested he would message me back, and if not, well, it was his loss,” she told CatholicMatch, displaying the healthy pro-activeness that’s easy to accept, but hard to act on. It paid off. She got a nice message back in return.

The messages became longer and eventually the budding couple Ohio decided it was time to talk on the phone, and Katie volunteered her number to Dave. She’s a teacher and her spring break was a perfect opportunity for them to talk more and eventually get together for dinner at a local restaurant—a dinner that would take three hours.

After their second date they began getting together several times a week, which soon upgraded itself to every day. They have not shied away from talking about the future and what their goals would be as a couple.

Katie may have been the one who initiated the relationship, but she has come to appreciate the true partnership their relationship has become—“Dave is all about making decisions together and being a team which I love!”. A man like this in her life was something she always prayed for, but wondered if she’d ever find. “You hear of other people’s prayers being answered, but you don’t think that it will happen to you,” she said.

It’s important to note though that the reality of Kate’s prayers being answered would never have been known if they would have just kept viewing each other’s profiles. She took the initiative and gave God’s plan a chance to work in her life. It’s a good lesson for us all and applies well beyond the field of relationships—we have to count on God to act, yet constantly ask ourselves what we need to be doing to make it possible. Katie and Dave are the latest testament to that.



  1. Inah-190079 April 25, 2011 Reply

    I love your story, 🙂

  2. John-496162 April 14, 2011 Reply

    This is what I have been telling a lot of people on this site…. Don’t wait… show interest and interest will be shown back…. Not just a hi or a few words… Get to know the person….. These two did it right!

  3. Sam-390344 April 10, 2011 Reply

    Your right, it would be nice to have women equally contact those with whom they have an interest in. It is difficult at the early stages of being out in the single world again. Men are more cautious today, especially some who have been hurt with the previous relationship and we as you are older, so the idea of making the first move can be stifling. Especially in cases when one or another was completely blindsided or it was a sudden loss. So by all means send an emotigram, but as we all aren’t members maybe Catholic Match can let the sender know they are not sending a message out to someone who isn’t a member….

  4. Marie-575233 April 7, 2011 Reply

    Nice story.

  5. Dick-642661 April 5, 2011 Reply

    I read these “…why an I still single…” posts with somewhat heavy heart — I was thirty when I married — but I had met her on a “blind date” ten years earlier. Yes, she was the answer to a prayer — but I had forgotten that prayer during the four decades we lived together, and could not tell her while she lived.

    But what I wish to comment on is “perfecton” We are sinners — imperfect people. A “perfect” match pairs two imperfect people — who can stand each other. It is the magic of human love which allows us to fall in love with an imperfect other. Now my perspective is colored by the recent past of the Midwest from which I (we) came — men came from “The East” looking for opportunity on that
    “Last Frontier” — and often came alone — thus there would be single women coming in the trains — to meet….and mate. For that matter, I think you will find that one of the early ships from these colonies to England returned carrying single women. Need I say that neither the men, not the women, could have been terribly fussy? But so a nation was built.

    It is said that “politics is the art of the possible” — this life is the art of the possible.

    I’m looking foreward to a date “for coffee” tomorrow with a young lady who would touch my arm on her way to Commuion — ANY female I date is a “young lady”, though her hair be as white as mine.

    Hang in there. It may seem amiss in a Catholic context, but I am impressed with M.Kundera’s
    “Unberarable Lightness of Being”, said to stand for the chance nature of life events. I surely see life that way — but the correlary is that one must ever be open to the opportunities which come, —“Be thou open(ed)” is the punch-line of one of the Gospels. It is a good guide for the single — “we know not the day nor the hour” is a good note for the end — but also a beginning — one never knows when lightning may strike..Be open to possibilities. And be ready. When may you jump into a pool, and thereby draw the attention of another — as Theresa first came to the attention of Thomas?


  6. David-663729 April 5, 2011 Reply

    Love your story, Remember all things work out, when we put all our trust in the Lord.

  7. Monica-703524 April 4, 2011 Reply

    Still hoping there is someone out there for me that values my qualities and that I too someday will be able to post a “Love Story”. Blessings to all and may you find your future partner. ♥

  8. Robbie-708737 April 4, 2011 Reply

    I love stories like this…

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