Maria-414558: ‘It’s A Yearly Checkpoint’


By Maria-414558

As a child and young adult, I knew Lent was a holy time, whether or not I gave up something I loved as a sacrifice.

The seasonal rules were all for good reasons: letting go of selfish desires, giving to the needy and taking the time to reflect on past mistakes.

It’s like a yearly checkpoint, a chance to hold myself accountable if the path I’m on has wandered from my understanding of God’s will for me through the practice of my Catholic faith, a time to gauge if I’m closer to the life of service, joy and peace I wish to lead rather than the enticing but empty ways of the world.

Now Lent is a key part of the solid foundation on which I seek to build a new relationship after a brief, disappointing marriage that was Catholic in name, but not commitment.

If Lent is observed in truth within an intimate partnership then we can joyfully proclaim we are alive in Christ on Easter Sunday, conquering the darkness of the tomb.

Resurrection will happen when we put Him in charge of our life choices and at the center of our world, rather than seek perfection (or fulfillment) in ourselves or any other human being.

Forgiveness, openness, patience and tolerance are virtues I hope to grow this season – with God’s grace and Mary’s intercession.

Reflection question: Are you holding yourself accountable?

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  1. Dawn-58330 April 16, 2011 Reply

    Thank you, Maria, for your thoughts on Lent. I like the concept of a “yearly checkpoint.” Lent is a wonderful time of discipline and accountability. I used to see Lent as purely a spiritual time, but as I grow in my faith the more I understand that Lent is a checkpoint for all areas of my life. I pray that as we close this Lent out that you have found yourself on the right path, ardently pursuing all that the Lord intends for you!

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