Nancy-550313: ‘I Need Lots Of Prayer & Encouragement’


By Nancy-550313

Lent can be a lonely journey as a single person, just as our Lord Jesus experienced. I am grateful for the kindness and support of my wonderful friends, but there comes that time every day when I must return to my aloneness in my home.

Having had a committed partner for nearly 40 years, adjusting to this lonely life wasn’t easy – especially since my husband was suddenly taken from me. Overwhelmed is the best description of my feelings the first several months of my loss.

Dan and I were such a close couple that we held hands in church during the homily.

He was a tremendous help with housework, yardwork, and handling so many things in our marriage. What a shock to take on all the responsibilities overnight.

As a single person, it is sometimes difficult to feel motivated to accomplish all the chores that need attending to. Music and spiritual reading help, but I feel I need a lot of prayer and encouragement (and mind games at times!) to get me going.

This season, I am trying to focus more on what Jesus endured during the 40 days that became the first Lenten season. He must have felt rejected, alone, hungry, and exhausted.  There were times when He wondered if His Father had left Him or heard His disappointments, temptations, and suffering.

My prayer is that Jesus will give me strength to move forward and eagerly await my new life in Pittsburgh.

I am grateful for many blessings and the opportunity to be closer to my children and grandchildren.

Leaving my Florida friends behind will be bittersweet. I am looking forward to rekindling my friendships in the Pittsburgh area and, most especially, meeting new people – both men and women.

I do believe there may be another exceptional someone out there intended just for me. I’m trusting in answered prayers.

Reflection question: What area of life do you need to move forward in?

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  1. Dawn-58330 April 12, 2011 Reply

    Nancy, thank you for sharing your Lenten story. Your account reminds me that our spiritual journey is also a physical journey. In order for us to grow in faith, we also must move out of the normalcy of our lives. Sometimes that move is like yours, a complete location change. Sometimes it involves changing our workplace, home or favorite hang outs. These are big challenges, but the big challenges also offer us great moments of grace. I pray that your move will be full of spiritual and physical graces, most especially love and companionship.

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