Poll: ‘This Easter What Gives You Hope?’


Being single isn’t easy, which is why the joyful season of Easter is so welcome. We turned to CatholicMatch members for a lift, asking, “This Easter, what gives you hope?”

“The empty tomb. No matter what happens to us in life, He is there with arms wide open. He lives!” –Kathleen-441685

“I love springtime. Everything comes back to life. That’s what gives me hope.” –Patrick-235584

“Easter hope for me is this sense of awe of the gift Christ gives.” –Martha-383722

What is your source of hope this Easter? What are you feeling optimistic about or blessed by?


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  1. Donna-698611 April 20, 2011 Reply

    right this moment, the hope of knowing my own experience of my mini paschal mystery
    (suffering, dying and rising with Christ) through the excruciating pain i bear tonight from stopping just short of breaking my upper arm/shoulder today, will make this Holy Week more present to me and me to it!

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