Shellsee-176674: ‘God Will Allow Me Contentment’


By Shellsee-176674

Ahh, this wonderful world we live in. Everywhere I go, everything I see, it’s all about me.

I am youthful, but not young. I struggle to lose those pounds. I have wrinkles and a few unsightly age spots. And everyone – every company, every store and every manufacturer – is vowing to make me, the modern single woman, perfect. Perfectly beautiful, perfectly sexy, perfectly skinny and perfectly desirable. Here’s looking at me.

It’s quite a message to receive from so many sources 365 days of the year.

But I like to shake it up a bit.

For 40 straight days every springtime, I stop looking at me and remember to look within me. I seek a quiet peace within myself that is only possible in prayer. God, the one who created me, with all my wrinkles and bulges, will allow me contentment in everything that I am if I just take the time to reflect with Him.

This Lent I’ve said the rosary or attended daily Mass or a Taizé service. I’ve read spiritually uplifting literature and concentrated on keeping my thoughts and attitudes positive. And of course I’ve given something up in the tradition of Lent.

But what is it all for?

I appreciate Lenten offerings as a reminder, outwardly, of the greater sacrifices that Christ made for me. But within me, it is more.

It is the hush of a quiet chapel, the relief of a long reprieve, the swell of a great love, the assurance of an unbreakable trust. It is how God loves me. I can feel it.

Lent is a time to renew my ability to rise above those forceful cultural pressures to be perfect. And all of the fulfillment is mine – even when I’m not wearing a dab of makeup.

Reflection question: Are you rising above cultural pressures?

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  1. Angela-394784 April 20, 2011 Reply

    Hi Shellsee, what a wonderful article! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and reflections, I find them inspiring, and thought provoking in a positive way. Lent is the perfect time to look inside ourselves, to see who we really are, what we are here for, and what our true mission in life is, and you found the perfect way to achieve that! Blessings to you! ~~Angela 🙂

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