Fireworks Of Love Brought In 2011 For Duane & Mary Beth


When the New Year dawned in the state of Michigan, Mary Beth and Duane were two souls looking for someone to love. Before the first day of 2011 was out, they were walking love’s developing path with each other.

Mary Beth is a widow with two adult children and going to school part-time. Duane has never been married. Both were very straightforward about what they wanted. He wanted someone he could share his faith and life with. She was looking for the same and candidly used her profile to tell non-serious seekers they need not apply.

Both of them have had tough times through the years. The 44-year old Mary Beth relied on her faith to deal with the loss of her husband. Duane has put his heart on the line throughout his 51 years and even though it’s been broken, his own faith has given him the fortitude to keep going. He’s an usher at his parish and believes it’s important to keep trying, secure that “God will always pick you up when you fall and point you in the right direction.”

They’d made the connection on CatholicMatch and had an appointment to chat early on New Year’s Day. They were unable to get connected, so they decided t check back later that evening. Mary Beth’s computer started acting up and the chat didn’t come off as planned, but Duane took the initiative and sent her his phone number with an invitation to call any time.

New Year’s night became “any time.”

Mary Beth didn’t make the call without thinking about it. For some, a phone call comes easily, while others wrestle with it. Mary Beth overcame any doubts and after thirty minutes she decided it was worth the chance.

“It was something I will never regret,” she told CatholicMatch. “It was a wonderful way to bring in the New Year.”

On Jan. 2, Duane came to meet Mary Beth at JC Penny where she works, to talk and take her out to dinner. They did the same the next night. And the relationship was on its way.

“It has worked out very well,” she said. “Each day that passes we become more and more in love and don’t want to be without each other.”

The coming months will decide whether Duane and Mary Beth will settle down in marriage. What we can say today is that two people who’ve been through a lot have found each other and are enjoying the moment with each other. And that’s a great way to begin any year.


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