The Sparks Of Love Start For Two Couples


Jennifer's infectious smile brought joy to Tim

When one comes onto CatholicMatch, it can feel as though the world is at one’s fingertips, with literally thousands of profiles and constant communication flowing through this online community, from chats to messages to emotigrams to participation in the message forums.

The challenge, as many members will tell you, is getting all that activity translated into face-to-face contact with other interested people. The archives of the success stories are filled with people who did just that. There are two more cases on the East Coast, where couples have reported a spark, with the hope that the flame of love will grow.

Jennifer and Tim live in the suburbs of Boston. He is an aspiring author who, by his own admission, will beat to his own drum. She comes from a close knit family where she is one of four children and has spent nine years working as a youth minister.

Tim is on the shy side, while Jennifer has an infectious smile, featured in the photo at left,  that she uses to bring joy to others. They both share a light-hearted approach to life. Tim loves spontaneity and enjoys walking, sailing or just taking the time to “dance in the rain”. Jennifer likes to relax, play pool and go bowling. They bring a solid blend of having plenty of common and just enough differences to help each other grow.

When they connected on CatholicMatch, everything flowed freely. “We started talking and the conversation didn’t stop,” Jennifer told CatholicMatch. They found themselves on the same page and though it is very early in their relationship, they have a deep conviction that they have found that special someone.

A little further south in the Virginia suburbs of Washington D.C. is Brian and Holly. They allowed their communication to follow a natural progression of emotigrams, online chats and phone conversation. Their first date was for Mass and then out to breakfast. For the second date they went hiking, but it was followed by an unfortunate circumstance—they were stuck in the great snowstorm that hit the D.C. area early this year.

CatholicMatch already has one reported success story that came out of his storm — Roger walked five miles in the blizzard to meet Kortnie. Will there be another?

After being stuck in car for seven hours with Holly during the storm, Brian says, “I knew she was a keeper.” They are excited about what the future may hold.


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  1. Sheila-640952 May 8, 2011 Reply

    Question regarding this movie night you set up? 300 RSVP??? Was the movie night some kind of a scam? The poor restaurant owner practically closed the restaurant while waiting. It was an empty theatre with 4 couples. The theatre knew nothing about it. We drove an hour and a half to the city. Any explanation?

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